Undoubtedly, E-commerce websites are the most potent way to achieve the desired marketing opportunities. And, when it comes to enhancing the conversion rates on these business websites, every part of it should be highly prioritized. Starting from emphasizing the accessibility of the landing page to the checkout page, every aspect of the E-commerce website needs to be acknowledged.

Along with that, there are specific factors that have a large impact on the conversion rate. This includes adding relevant information about the product, trustable brand images, the overall page layout, and website performance — all these factors are related to E-Commerce Design. So, in a nutshell, it can be stated that e-Commerce website designing is the prime factor in engaging more customers in your business.

Customers across the globe especially want to obtain a hassle-free and pleasant experience while purchasing their desired products and services. And, if something goes wrong during the process, it will be reflected in the consumer’s behavior. As a result, it will negatively impact your business, and you might encounter a drastic business loss scenario.

So, don’t take any further chances, boost up the conversion rate of your business site to become a successful entrepreneur. Simply, improve the user experience to allure more customers. Make sure you have inaugurated the necessary steps while designing your e-commerce website.

Here is the list of the best potential strategies that will successfully promote your E-commerce business site in the global market.

Importance of Conversion in E-commerce Business

Well, conversions play an essential role in any e-commerce business. And, if you are wondering why, then let it be clear that an increased conversion rate is highly beneficial in generating more revenue. Additionally, the high conversion is responsible for acquiring a larger profit at the end of the month. Not only this, it will help you to expand your business in the further future.

And, the average conversion rate for these e-commerce websites is 1%-2%. Even, you are flawlessly operating the business, a 2% conversion rate is enough to increase the sale.

List of Some Best E-commerce Websites Design Practices

Here, we are listing some of the essential e-commerce design and website building strategies that every entrepreneur should consider implementing.

1.   Consider Adding Relevant and High-Quality Images

It is important to put up high-quality product images for better convenience of the visitors and customers as well. When they will get the relevant images about the product you are selling- it will provide them with a clear overview of the product. Make several segments about the product.

Put its concerning specifications and attributes in one segment and the image in the other. Don’t forget to add the probable price of the product. When you are inserting the product image, watch out for its required size, quality, zoom feature, and its 360-degree view. And, it is now evident that product images provide an effective user experience. So, start working on it now!

2.   Provide Prominent CTAs

Having a clear call-to-action is crucial in enhancing the conversion rate in the business sites. Basically, E-commerce websites often contain “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart/Basket” options that enable users to observe all the product-related details. And, in these sections, you should provide the CTA section, where there will be clear contact details or email addresses that the customers can easily grab.

The Call-to-action section must be short and simple. Alongside this, the CTA section should be properly aligned on the webpage. For instance, if the “Buy Now” section is aligned in the middle of the webpage, the “CTA” section also needs to be middle-aligned.

3.   Determine the Requirements of the Customers

In order to engage more eyes on your e-commerce website, it is important to anticipate what the customers are actually seeking. And, if we critically categorize the major group of the customers, there are mainly two types of customers that we will find.

On the one hand, there are ones who visit the webpage in the urge of buying the product. And, the other type of customers likes to keep them updated with trendy products. Generally, the last category of people has no intention of buying the product. However, you can easily reach out to both of these groups by just adding up the products they immediately require.

And, if you are rendering a service or single product, the search functionality should not always be required in certain circumstances. However, when you are dealing with multiple products or services, it is important to have flawless search functions. The search function should be located on the right side of the landing page — it must be user-friendly and prominent.

4.   Work on the Home Page

After getting into your e-commerce website while seeking their required products, the majority of the customers first reach out to their homepage. This is the prime reason why you need to provide more attention while designing the homepage. And, a homepage that has not concluded relevant information about the company, products of the professionals is considered as a total waste nowadays.

So, if you are into restructuring the e-commerce design, add your top-selling products on the homepage. Don’t forget to provide special offers and other exclusive products that are available right now. These factors are the most essential and valuable marketing assets that every e-commerce business owner should consider adding. Because these aspects encourage and attract a large number of customers to frequently visit your business website.

5.   Add Numerous Options to Choose From

While most of the customers across the globe prefer making the payment using a credit card, some like to go for completely different payment methods. Particularly, the other payment methods including cash-on-delivery are applicable when the purchase amount is low. Even, these options are more convenient for the ones who are not familiar with online payment.

So, instead of just providing online payment options for purchasing the product, render another carter of options for the mass audience. This will generally help you to increase the customer base in your enterprise. Your business strategy should be customer-oriented — this is the only way to double the conversion rate.

Plan, Execute, and Achieve Success!

No matter what kind of business you are associated with, every e-commerce merchant should have one key goal — to register more customers and sell more products. That is why opting for the appropriate e-commerce website design is essential.

You can avail of professional help to build the website. Several website designers are readily available to mitigate the e-commerce website design related requirements. Moreover, you can even do it, if you have acquired technical expertise. So, focus on website design more rather than just improving the standard of your product.