Traveling is one of the most common dreams of thousands of people in the world. If we talk about India, then Uttarakhand is one of the best places to travel where you can visit many alluring places such as Auli, Rishikesh, Char Dham, Haridwar, and Valley of flower, Chopta, Nainital and many other beautiful places.


Best taxi service

Before traveling Uttarakhand you should know these 5 tips that will help you to travel easily in hilly regions:

1.     Hire a Best Taxi Service for your tour:

A cab or taxi is the one which becomes your friend on your whole tour. It is because you need to travel in a transportation way from one place to another places. It becomes very helpful for you if you hire the best cab service for your Uttarakhand tour. It depends on you from where you are going to start your journey, either from Haridwar or Dehradun. You can easily hire the best Taxi service in Dehradun at affordable pricing with comfort and experienced driver.

In Hilly areas, it could be difficult to derive if the driver is not from a hilly place so try to get Local taxi service in Dehradun so that it could save you from risks.

2.     Keep Emergency tools kit with you:

An Emergency tool kit means simply necessary things that can help you anytime while traveling in hilly areas. At first, you should include warm clothes even if you are traveling in June or July. Secondly keep daily needs like toothbrush, shampoo, Rain Cover, water bottle, trekking shoes, torch, glucose, towel, gloves, medicines for headaches and painkillers, dry fruits, etc.

Don’t forget to keep your identity card with you, keep at least one identity card it can let you go anywhere easily in Uttarakhand. Also, keep some cash all over the time with you because it is possible that a card or digitized money transfer system could not be provided in some hilly regions.

3.     Don’t hesitate for asking help:

People of Uttarakhand are kindest and beautiful-hearted. If you get lost anywhere don’t hesitate to ask anything to people. They are always ready to help and they do help others that’s why it is easier to travel in Uttarakhand.

For any case, if you need help in emergency cases you can call some emergency numbers of SDRF such as:

  • 108 for health, fire, and police
  • 102 for ambulance
  • 1070 for disaster
  • 112 emergency
  • 1077 for disaster operation center
  • 1090 for women safety
  • 1098 Childline
  • 101 for fire.

It is a notice for each traveler that even if you hire the best taxi service in Dehradun or book the best hotel in Uttarakhand, your safety is in your hands. Though, Uttarakhand is a good place where you can feel free to take your luggage with you.

4.     Take a look before you purchase anything:

When you book a hotel in Uttarakhand or book a hotel in Dehradun and go outside the room, always check your door is locked properly or not. Always take a look at everything you are going to purchase, ask more than 3 shopkeepers for the same thing because possibly every shopkeeper could have a different price for the same thing.

5.      Fix your destinations before traveling:

Fix your destination before hiring the best Taxi service in Dehradun. It becomes easy to travel when you plan and set your goals and travel to those particular places at first and then you can change your destinations for the next time.

Plan your tour, Hire the best cab service, go for trekking, travel your destinations and explore your dreams!

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