A luxurious brand-new car comes with over 30,000 building blocks that combine their functionalities to keep your car running smoothly. Therefore, it becomes difficult for a common person to identify which car part needs more attention and care. However, there are a few primary automotive parts that require regular maintenance to ensure a smooth, safe and comfortable driving experience. If your car doesn’t respond even when you take proper care of your car, it’s time you should consider replacing certain auto spare parts with new auto spare parts. Since, Dubai shelters many superior car brands, the demand for buying auto spare parts is more in Dubai than in other cities. The rising demand for auto spare parts has led to the establishment of many automotive aftermarket companies that sell various auto spare parts including Solite car battery, Asimco Plus Batteries, Eveready automotive battery, Asimco brake pads, Achilles tyres and more.

In this article, we’ve highlighted five primary car parts that require regular maintenance. Negligence to these essential car parts can cause your car to bog down at some point of time. Therefore, make sure you review the condition of the parts listed below at regular intervals

  1. Engine

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle and most of the branded cars also use a gasoline-fueled, internal combustion engine. You can identify your engine by counting the number of cylinders, each having its own combustion chamber. Therefore, you can easily conclude that the size of the engine is a major factor that affects the overall performance of your car.

Some of the other factors such as the type of transmission and the combustion timing also help in determining the strength of your car. As mentioned earlier, your engine is the heart of your vehicle and so it requires regular check-up from your trusted mechanics.

  1. Brakes

Your braking system is another important component of your vehicle. The lifespan of your brake pads and discs depends on your braking habits and how well you maintain them. If you need to check the condition of your brakes, you must consider approaching a brake specialist or a professional mechanic who will let you know whether you need a service or a replacement with new brake pads or rotors. They will also check your braking system for potential signs that will indicate that your car needs a thorough servicing. If your brakes give poor responsiveness, makes screeching and/or grinding sounds, produce vibrations, or if you find your car is pulling to one side, it’s high time that you need to get new brake pads or rotors.

If you’re looking for premium brake pads, you may consider buying Asimco brake pads if you want to ease up your braking system.

  1. Tyres

Since tyres keep your car rolling, they’re also an important part of your vehicle. Tyres tend to suffer the most as they’re the parts that come in direct contact with the road surface. Therefore, it is important to keep a check on your tyres on a regular basis to keep them running in a good shape.

If you find the depth of your tyres’ tread is below 4/32 of an inch, it’s time that you should consider replacing the tyres with new ones. Also, make sure you follow the user manual or consult with a professional mechanic to determine the optimal pressure levels of the tyres of a particular car. Please note that the recommended tyre pressure varies depending on the car manufacturer.

If you want to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience, you may buy Achilles tyres as these are ultra-high-performance tyres and the most preferred choice of various automobile and automotive aftermarket companies.

  1. Battery

Car batteries are the backbone of your car. How would you react if your car battery died while you’re driving in an unfamiliar location? It’s obvious that it would be the most frustrating situation for you at that point of time. Therefore, when talking about the maintenance of the important car parts, you cannot afford to neglect your car battery. Your car battery does not provide clear indications that it is going to die, it can happen at any time and at anywhere. Therefore, if you’re planning for a long trip, it is always better to consult your local mechanics and ask them to check your car battery for any faults or potential issues before starting off your journey. If you notice that your car battery is malfunctioning, or giving a sluggish performance, or if you see the battery light blinking on the dashboard, it’s time that you should see a service center or approach auto spare parts wholesalers Dubai to replace your car battery.

  1. Dashboard Tools

Many of us only keep a check on our speedometers or fuel gauges and neglect the other instruments on the dashboard. There are also other important dashboard instruments such as tachometer that allows you to know the condition of your engine, or the oil pressure gauge that indicates oil leak issues. By checking all the important dashboard tools, you can prevent bigger issues arising from engine failures or car break downs.

What to Do in Case of Faulty or Poor Auto Parts?

If your car is not responding even after several attempts, you should consult your nearest service centers. The expert mechanics will help you identify the major issues in your car and may suggest you to replace certain auto spare parts if necessary. If you’re tight on your budget, you may approach one of the most trusted automotive aftermarket companies to buy aftermarket auto parts at affordable rates. Dubai, being an exclusive hub of the most prominent car brands, has witnessed a rising demand for auto spare parts in the past couple of years. There are several auto spare parts wholesalers Dubai who are selling a range of automotive parts at the best market price in Dubai UAE. however, before approaching any auto parts supplier or dealer, you may also consult several online directories that enlist the top-rated spare parts importers in Dubai, auto parts exporters in Dubai and reputed auto spare parts wholesalers Dubai, and check their reviews, products they’re supplying and the price of the car parts to ensure that you buy the right product at the best price in Dubai.