Have you had those situations when someone special asked you for a left but you had to deny because you do not have a spare helmet for him or her? Well, next time if you have a spare helmet lying around on your motorcycle then you can easily give the person a lift and feel good about yourself. With that in mind here are five smart hacks to carry a spare helmet on long motorcycle tours and even for your daily commutes. 

Before we begin let’s be clear about one thing. We’re calling these hacks because motorcycle manufacturers do not take into account the need for carrying an extra helmet on the motorcycle. Hence, necessity becomes the mother of invention, or in our case, smart hacks! 


Small size half face helmets and skull helmets are great in terms of size and you can easily carry them around in your backpack. but to do that you will have to be willing to make the effort of carrying an additional weight on your back wherever you go. Now that’s a labor of love! and if you are up for it, nothing better, but just in case you need an idea to carry a small helmet for somebody you can always rely on your old trusty backpacks. 

Saddle Bag 

Saddle bags are motorcycle luggage box as they are commonly known in the market, are a great way to keep certain things always handy for those special moments. Just take care of the fact that saddlebags are not enormously large and they usually will not be able to accommodate a full-face helmet. but if you plan smartly you can always carry a couple of half face helmets without stretching its carrying capacity. On that note you can also stuff a half face helmet under the seat of a scooter if you absolutely need to do it.

Tox Box 

You never know when the old helmet that you are using now may have an accident and be compromised in terms of safety features. if that happens, you always need to have a backup plan to rely upon. That is why if you are going on a long road trip, especially with a pillion rider with you, then there is the need for an additional helmet, irrespective of its style or looks, to be present with you at all times. That’s where a top box comes in handy.  a top box is a great place to put all your large size solid luggage (such as a helmet!) and know that they are there for you whenever you need them. 

Cargo Net 

The quintessential bikers’ hack: ‘cargo net’ is one of those things that everybody needs especially while going on a long-distance road trip. Cargo nets are ten times a word in weight and price!  you can use this to carry any sort of luggage irrespective of the shape or size of the luggage. These are one of the most versatile tools that we recommend to every motorcycle rider irrespective of whether they are going on a long road trip or commuting to office or college! 

Bungee cord 

Finally, we have an honorable mention when it comes to solving the purpose of carrying extra things on your motorcycle and that is a bungee cord! These elastic cords are just as versatile as cargo nets when it comes to tying down large sized luggage on the rear seat, on top of the fuel tank or wherever you can imagine a little space for carrying something. What a couple of bungee cords, the luggage carrying capacity of your motorcycle is just limited by your imagination!