It is a great idea to plan to spend New Year celebrations in Barcelona. This is a great idea just like the city itself. This is one of the most amazing cities in Europe to give you a wonderful time regardless of the weather. There are various things to indulge in during this year’s celebrations to usher in 2020. Here are a few options to make up your mind before boarding the plane.

Plaça d’Espanya official New Year’s party

One of the most emblematic squares in the city, there is an annual official New Year’s party happening next to Plaça d’Espanya. This is a wonderful place to witness the turn of the years while listening to beautiful music with a light show. For the 2020 celebrations, the Magic Fountain will have a special extra show. This will have people participating in campanadas, a local tradition including eating 12 grapes at midnight as a good luck charm. Expect other concert stages and a fireworks display when 2020 comes.

Fireworks here will begin at 11:40 pm and for 30 minutes. This spectacle attracts about 80,000 visitors annually. Therefore, ensure to arrive at the spot early to find a vantage point. To add a Spanish touch to your experience, don’t forget to participate in the tradition of eating the 12 grapes at midnight. You can buy these at a local supermarket before heading to the spot. For the occasion, avoid packaged ones that are usually 10 times expensive compared to regular ones.

Plaça de Catalunya street party

This is a wonderful location for the younger generation to have a blast as the new year is ushered in. This special night is the best time to visit Barcelona to count down the minutes as everyone tosses bottles of wine to welcome 2020. Watching hundreds of bottles tossed into the air is an impressive sight. Afterward, the crowd will head to La Rambla leading the way to some of the Gothic Quarter’s coolest clubs. It is a great opportunity to enjoy a night out in one of the nicest bars in Barcelona.

Dinner in a restaurant

New Year’s Eve is a wonderful moment to enjoy a night out in some of the best restaurants in Barcelona. There is a host of restaurants but mind about the choice of food when selecting one. The types of food available include:


Keep in mind that the costs are usually higher for this season than regular days. Booking a table requires paying a deposit refunded on your return visit.

Hit a club

This big city has various clubs to offer you a great New Year experience. Barcelona also has small bars in the city center although bigger clubs offer a better experience. Fortunately, clubs here are located close to each other on Barceloneta Beach. Some of the clubs you should not afford to miss include Pacha, Shoko, and Opium.

Indulge local New Year’s traditions

Every country or city has own New Year traditions and Barcelona is no exception. When in this city for the 2020 celebrations, take a plunge and indulge in these amazing traditions. One of these requires wearing red underwear during the new year celebrations. Perhaps you didn’t carry one. The various stores have plenty of these in beautiful and amazing options so you don’t miss out on the local tradition.
Another tradition happens throughout the midnight cheers. This requires putting a ring or anything gold in cava glass. It is a prosperity and wealth charm for the coming year. For the adventurous ones, you can enjoy your first swim of 2020 by heading down to Playa de San Sebastián. This is a popular new year tradition to participate in.

Party at Poble Espanyol

This 31-year-old club hosts the biggest and best party in Barcelona on New Year’s Eve. Club Poble Espanyol is enormous with 3 different sections including:

Plaza Mayor
VIP lounge area

This year’s celebrations to usher in 2020 will begin at about 10:30 PM until 06:00 AM. Tickets to the club are available in different categories. Each will come with 4 drinks, traditional grapes for the new year charm, and other novelties. Carry some warm winter clothing to keep you warm when going outdoors.
Other attractions in Barcelona include:

Park Güell
Gothic Quarter
Sagrada Família
Arc de Triomf
Parc de la Ciutadella
Barcelona Cathedral
Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

Bottom line

It is not too late to make plans for the new year celebrations. Barcelona is a wonderful city with endless activities to make ushering in 2020 a memorable experience. You can dance the night away in any of the local clubs, enjoy dinner, or party at the Plaça de Catalunya street party. Most important is booking accommodation to allow you to make the most of your stay in Barcelona during this period.