Coming up with a logo design can be a long task, but all the time and effort worth it in the end because a logo is the face of your brand.
Among many effective approaches, the best one is to start from scratch and design a logo by hand. It is the starting point for crafting all the little details. It may require several trials to get just the right one.

Here are some useful things you need to keep in mind for logo designing by hand.


1. Tone

You need to understand the tone of your logo before starting to work on it. To set the tone of your logo, you need to focus on a few essential factors, including, the intention and target audience of your logo, and its vibe for potential consumers. It is important for a logo to mimic what it represents. Therefore, having proper knowledge of a logo’s tone is crucial.


2. Play and Experiment

Designing a logo doesn’t have to be rocket science. Enjoy the process, let your creativity flow to its fullest and you will get stunning results by the time you are done. Play with lines, shapes, and angles and explore the extent of your creativity to experiment with different designs. Try not to overcomplicate things in your mind, once you know what you are working on, it shouldn’t be a problem to come up with ideas.


3. Brainstorm

Once you have a clear idea of your project, brainstorming can be a great help. You can think of different ways to design a winning logo. Don’t stress at this point as it will only lock up the ideas in your head. Take a sketchbook and start pushing it to the limit of your creativity to come up with something breathtaking. There is no boundary for the sketches, whether you want them to be super basic or highly detailed.


4. Make a Final Move

Since you have all the rough work and brainstormed ideas on hand, it is time to make the final move and draw the logo. Toss out your ideas that you have transferred on the paper and combine them into a single logo that speaks its brand. This step will even help you add or remove any detail that a logo requires.


5. Digitize

It is obvious that only a hand-drawn version of the logo won’t go a long way in benefiting the brand, and because of the needs of the present time, you must digitize it. Make use of different software that allow you to scan your hand-crafted logo and enhance it for what is needed.

Logo designing is not a one rule fits all thing. It takes time, patience, dedication, and discipline to come up with your greatest idea. It is important to put all your options under consideration to pick up the one that perfectly fits the needs.