Taking the plunge to study overseas is good for your professional and personal career. This helps you compete favorably in the job market. Additionally, study abroad helps hone your foreign language skills. The cultural immersion makes you a favorable candidate in a multicultural environment. Regardless of your field of study, choice of country matters and choosing one requires considering some factors highlighted below.


The first choice of country for your study abroad program is one whose language you are familiar with. Perhaps you had been having foreign language lessons in high school. Your first choice of country is one where the language is native. This comes with an opportunity to learn the language better when in the local community with native speakers. By the end of your program, you are likely to have honed the language to a near-native level.

Equally important is to understand the language of communication in the host country and in school. In some countries, people rarely use English and lessons are conducted in their local language. To study in such society requires to first undertaking lessons in the local language. This is a bit inconveniencing and might hike your budget. The ideal country is one whose local language you have a great interest in and saleable in the job market.

Cost of the study program

It costs money to undertake study overseas. Keep in mind that the costs of education vary in particular countries. This is followed by other costs including air tickets, living costs, and healthcare expenses. All these determine the overall budget for a study abroad country. Luckily, you can find an agency online to guide you through selecting the cheapest study abroad programs.

This gives everyone an opportunity to study abroad regardless of financial background. The agency can guide you through financing options like the Rotary Youth Exchange program. This gives students with poor financial backgrounds to study abroad. The program comes with other perks including:

  • Hosting by local Rotary Club
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Pre-departure and in-country orientation
  • Primary tuition with placement in a school approved by Rotary Club
  • Staying with a host family for accommodation and meals
  • Monthly stipend provided by local Rotary Club

International ranking

Your choice of the host country should consider the international education ranking. This is very important to ensure that your experience abroad adds value to your education abroad. And, it allows the transfer of credit from abroad to your regular study. This ensures that you are on the same page on getting back to your resident school. The education in the host country should match the standard, performance, teaching style, and study environment of your school back home.

Employment scope

One of the most significant reasons to study abroad is to understand the available employment opportunities. This is very important for people looking forward to working overseas after studies. Additionally, the experience abroad should prepare you to compete favorably in a multicultural work environment.

So, your choice of the host country should have the potential for employment to qualified candidates. Spending time during your study gives you enough time to research potential opportunities you can take on after graduation. Perhaps you might consider coming back to take up those employment opportunities in the host country.

Living conditions

It is very important to research about the climatic condition in your choice of the host country. This will ensure that you have a pleasant experience throughout your stay in the country. Equally important is to understand student experiences on and off-campus. This allows making an informed decision when selecting a host country for your study abroad program.

Keep in mind that some locations have a laid back environment while others are extremely busy. Doing your homework allows choosing the best environment for your study. Equally important is to understand the social amenities available, local culture, and access to public transport. Understanding these allows determining the ease of settling down in that location.

Prevailing political situation

The political environment is not the same everywhere. So, keep this in mind when selecting a country for overseas study. You can determine this by watching international news or searching on Goggle. This is very important for your safety and wellbeing. You wouldn’t want to end up in the middle of a civil war.

Equally important is to understand the future political environment in the country. The period before and after national elections are usually hectic in most countries. These periods are usually filled with uncertainties that might affect the provision of social services, security, and studies. Check to ensure that the duration of your stay doesn’t fall in the middle of these periods. The ideal host country for study abroad is one with a tranquil and peaceful environment.

The wrap-up

Making up your mind is a wonderful thing. This allows adding weight to your resume with experience, cultural immersion, and foreign language skills. However, the choice of country for the study abroad program matters. The ideal host country should have available employment opportunities, a stable political environment, good living conditions, and good academic ranking internationally.