Security services are have become essential for residential and commercial consumers. With increasing terrorism and political unrest, security services have become essential. The Government is unable to cover all the happenings and provide individual security. this results in the increasing importance of private security services. Security guards are one of the essential components of security services. They immediately respond in case of any emergency. They protect the business premises as well as provide personal security. Many factors determine the hiring of these security guards. For instance, the private security guards cost, security requirements, budget, etc. are the important considerations for hiring private security guards. As a home or business owner, hiring security guards is important for the well-being of your places as well as the residents.

The security guard services can be of various types ranging from unarmed to armed as well as off-duty police officers. All these categories of security guards provide different security coverage as well as their hiring cost. The kind of security guard you need for your business or home totally depends upon you. Normally, armed security guards provide services in areas where security risks are high. In contrast, unarmed security guards operate in low-risk areas.

Cost of secuirty servcies

The cost of hiring private security guards is highly variable. In general, per hour cost for hiring security guards ranges between $15- $100. However, this cost certainly depends upon many factors. Some of the factors that affect the cost of hiring security guards are:

Armed VS Unarmed

The kind of security service also determines your hiring cost. Security guards can be both armed as well as unarmed. Both of them have variable roles and responsibilities thus, have different hiring costs. Armed security guards hiring is relatively costly because they are in great demand. Besides this, they offer better security coverage and operate in high-risk areas. However, unarmed security guards work does not possess the equipment and offer low-security coverage which lowers their hiring price. Therefore, the kind of security guard you are hiring can affect the cost.


An experienced person definitely provides better security services. Because they are already aware that how to deal with such situations and can perform better. The number of years in the field is a detrimental factor for the overall performance of the security guards. Therefore, the cost of security guards varies according to their experience. If you are hiring an experienced person you have to pay more and vice versa.


Security personnel receives prior training but the level of training is highly variable among these individuals. One example of security guards is off-duty police officers who are providing security services. Besides this, military or former law enforcement personal also serve as security guards. But definitely, their average per hour cost will be more than others. Hiring people who received advanced training can increase your security guard hiring cost.

Time of the day

The requirement of the security guard at a particular time can also affect their overall cost. For instance, if you are hiring an unarmed security guard in day time you have to pay less. However, if you hiring the same person for the night shift, you have to pay more. Similarly, if you are hiring security guards on an emergency basis it can be quite costly than hiring on a contract basis.

Independent vs private firms

From where you are hiring a security cost can also affect your cost. You can get the security guards from private firms or independently hire them. If you are hiring security guards independently, you have to pay less.

private security guard cost

However, in the case of hiring from a private agency you have to pay the additional costs. But it is generally recommended to hire security guards from authorized companies because they provide proper guarantees and insurance.

Local wage market

The cost of hiring a security guard is also dependent upon your locality. Hiring a security guard in some particular localities can be costly than others.

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