Longing for those adventurous summer road trips with your group of buddies? Is the only thing that’s stopping you is a four-wheeler? While there are a bunch of car rental services in the town, you need to reach out to the ideal one.

However, there are some common mistakes that people make before renting a car, thereby ending up in letting out huge sums of money. Here are some mistakes that you must avoid while getting a car on rent

  1. Purchasing extra insurance covers that you don’t need. Simple collision damage, a third party cover and a personal liability cover could be enough. If you own a car insurance policy, it might come handy while you opt for a cheap car hire Mauritius. However, if you don’t have one, then you can simply use the insurance policy of your car insurance company.

  1. Not comparing various rental companies. It is necessary to carry out a detailed comparison of several rental companies. There are a host of providers around you dealing in car rental with driver. You need to decide which of them is offering you the best deal and is meeting your personal preferences.

  1. Renting from an airport. There are providers dealing with transfers from airport, and they insist you in renting your four-wheeler from an airport. But doing so would mean that you have to pay out larger sums in airport surcharges. Instead, you can go for off-airport rental companies who provide transportation services to and from the airport. Renting directly from an airport would also involve tiresome dealing with enormous crowds.

  1. Prepaying for gas. It might seem convenient for you to make a payment for gas in advance, especially if you are planning for extra time for your road trip journey. However, it is not a smart option as it would mean that you have to pay for a full gas tank. You might not even require the whole of it. Instead, fill it up yourself every time you need to do a refilling because you are going to find cheap fueling stations nearby. In this way, you also don’t have to let go of your cash all at once.

  1. Not inspecting your car before starting. You must inspect your vehicle thoroughly and perform a proper test-drive before setting off for the road trip. You cannot afford to experience breakdowns in the middle of the roads.

  1. Paying for GPS or an extra seat. Rental companies are there to charge you for additional features or policies. But you need to make the decision wisely. For GPS, your smartphone of a portable GPS should be enough. You can also carry maps or printouts of the cardinal directions. As for an extra child seat, most of the airlines today allow you to check or use a car seat for free. So you don’t need to pay additional charges for borrowing a seat from your car rental service provider.

  1. Returning your car late. Most of the car rental companies in Mauritius would charge you on a per-day basis. Even if your car insurance company may provide you with grace periods of up to a few hours, they might charge you a late fine. If possible, start early and return your car well in time.

A little carefulness and prudence on your part will guide you in making the right decision. While renting a car, you should take into consideration all possible factors such that you can enjoy the overall experience seamlessly. Make sure that you hire services from a reputed car hire service provider.