Unlike other types of examinations, clearing a GRE test takes more than cramping books. You need a proper GRE training institute to get yourself well prepared for the examination. It is crucial to understand that you do not get multiple chances at once when it comes to such examinations.

Failing to clear one might lead to waiting for a long duration until you get another chance the next time. GRE short for Graduate record examination is a type of examination that is required to be cleared in order to get admission in US and Canada graduate schools. Here are seven tips that you should consider adding to your strategy when preparing for GRE.


The first thing before you even consider starting your preparation for GRE, is adequate amount of time. Since these examinations hold a lot of value to your future, going in fully prepared should be your aim. If you cannot devise enough time to GRE preparation, its best to wait until you do.

Baseline Score

When it comes to GRE exams, baseline is a crucial standard that can help you understand where you stand. In layman terms, if you appeared for the GRE exam today without preparation, the score that you’ll get would be your baseline score. 

But how do you find out your baseline score without giving the actual test? It’s simple, you either find a website online that offers practice tests for GRE or enroll yourself in a GRE institute that prepares you for the same with mock tests.

Find a Target

After you have found your baseline score, the next step should be to find what you are aiming for. Identify what graduate courses you want to enroll in and then compare the average score of students that enrolled in the last time to set a target for yourself. This is a good method to prepare yourself better for the GRE exam.

Create a Strategy

Once you have determined the target you have to achieve, the next step is to find the right method or strategy that will help you close the gap between your baseline score and your target for the final exam. There are multiple ways to go about it, you can either get yourself enrolled in an online GRE prep course or practice more mock tests. Get relevant course books to help you achieve the same.


The trick to mastering anything is to do it as many times as you can, and eventually you will master it. Practice what you have learned as much as you can, as it will help you get a better clarity on each topic covered in the course for GRE. Try to create the same conditions as you would be in while appearing for the GRE exam.

Test & Review

Each time you prepare something, it is important to test your knowledge to identify how much you actually learned. Don’t try to cram everything just to get the satisfaction of clearing everything. Genuinely give the mock exams to help yourself understand what level you are at. From there learn to overcome your mistakes and test yourself again. This test and review method will help you prepare the best way you can.

Enroll in an Institute

Lastly, if you do not find the right resources to prepare yourself, the best option you have is to enroll yourself in an institute who are well experienced in teaching and preparing students for the GRE exam. Doing a simple search for an online GRE prep course would give you the best options around your location.