We all know lockouts are annoying and even then, we can’t eliminate the possibility entirely. Whether it’s a car lockout or a house lockout, every minute seems to drag along while you are waiting for help.

Most people rely on professional locksmiths to resolve the lockouts and that is the time when they think about the professional competence and availability of local service providers. But is a locksmith only required during a lockout? Can they be a help in any other situation? The simple answer is, yes. There are many other reasons you might need to skim through the local locksmiths and verify their legal compliance.

Either it is a residential or commercial property, it cannot be secured without hiring locksmiths in Norfolk, VA. Here are 7 other situations when you might need a certified locksmith.

1. Lost Keys

Lost keys are the most common predicament for most folks. Everybody dreads it but once in a while, it happens. If you don’t keep spare keys with you then you have to call the nearest locksmith for emergency assistance. At the time even the spare set of keys is useless when it is safely placed in a locker situated miles away. You can also contact the dealership but it is expensive as well as time taking.

2. Broken Keys

Abrasion or rigorous outdoor activities may damage or break your car keys. For example, you may twist the car key and exert force in the wrong direction when you are trying to open the wrong lock. At certain times the keys break in the lock. Broken pieces in the hardware are difficult to extract and you cannot use the spare key. The only option is to hire a reliable and certified locksmith.

3. Damaged Locks

Most of us pay attention to the cleanliness of the keys but forget about the locks. The gunk in the keys can get stuck in the locks or the dust particles can accumulate and damage the lock. Similarly, the lock can damage when you try to open it with the wrong key. Or the damaged lock could be the victim of a robbery attempt.

4. When You Want to Make A Set of Spare Keys

It is smart to think about preventing lockouts or emergencies. The first advice you would get is to get a spare set of keys. Most lock manufacturers provide spare keys with the new lock but if you have lost or damaged them, you can hire a locksmith to make a new set of spare keys.

Make sure to check the license and insurance of the locksmith before making a deal. Beware of locksmith scams as they can compromise the security of loved ones like nothing else.

5. Rekeying

When you move into a new house, rekeying the house locks is highly recommended. You never know who had access to the house or whether previous tenants still have access to the house. The best option is to seek professional services to tweak the lock pins in such a way that old keys are useless. The locksmith would provide you a new set of keys.

If you are living in a house with a lot of doors, rekeying is a convenient option. You don’t have to carry all the keys with you as a single key can do all the work. You need the expertise of a locksmith to rekey all the locks. This is especially useful for rental properties.

6. Lock Replacement

At certain times you need to replace the entire lock. Due to certain reasons, rekeying is off the table as you have to purchase a new lock and keys. At this stage, you need guidance from your local locksmith. They also install new locks and make your home secure.

7. When You Need to Upgrade Home Security

Homeowners also require locksmith services when they need to upgrade their home security.