Most homeowners give an ample amount of thought while choosing bathroom and kitchen designs. The concern is valid as it plays a vital role in the functionality of your living space and the overall curb appeals. The design is especially important when you are about the sell the property shortly. Your wrong decisions can discourage the buyers and you will have to compromise on lower prices.

This article is about the soul of home design, the paint colors. Nobody can deny the significance of colors in house design and their effect on aesthetic appeal as well as human psychology. You can always hire professionals for home remodeling in Cupertino CA to achieve colorful yet flawless results.

Here are 7 wonderful ways to add more color to your kitchen and bathroom.

1. Use Natural and Artificial Light

Most people underuse the magic of natural and artificial light. You may witness some astonishing kitchens and bathrooms on social media without many decorative items. If you look closely, the key to creating impressive interiors at smaller budgets is the right use of light.

Emphasize the color of your kitchen cupboards with illuminating and many more ideas. Consult a professional for the best igniting advice.

2. Go for Open Shelving

If you haven’t been alive under the rock for the last few years, open deferring is a huge tendency of pantry remodeling. The trend is highly popular for its attractive, sleek, and clutter-free look.

The open shelves can be used to boast off your colorful cutlery collection. Unbiassed sorts of your kitchen can be added with the daring colored cutlery. If your shelves are placed on an ancient wall, plain white items would also look nice.

3. Get Bright and Colorful Furniture

A simple and obvious way to add color to your kitchen or bathroom is to incorporate bright and colorful furniture. A lot of homeowners have an unidentified fear to add bold colored furniture in these areas. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with design. Start slow and build up the aesthetic look according to your color preferences.

Add a vibrantly colored kitchen island for a cheerful breakfast and joyful evening tea. If you find it enchanting enough, add some matching sitting chairs to create exciting kitchens. In bathrooms, dark-colored vanity tables look wonderful

4. Stay with A Monochrome Theme

Gone are the old good days when every luxurious house had to look all white. This is the time to test monochromes but with a slight twist. Instead of going all plain, choose some bold shades. Some of the most popular bold bathroom shades are marine blue, sage green, and black. Pick your favorite one and request your remodeling contractor to tweak it according to your house design.

If you are running short of ideas, black works as an eye-catching background color. Dark colors make cozier spaces. But if you have a smaller kitchen, it is better to pick some neutral hues and add accent walls or furniture for a pop of color.

5. Shop for Colorful Appliances

Nowadays, a lot of appliance manufacturers are offering products in colors you may have never seen before. Although most of the appliances come in basic colors and finishes, if you want a pop of color without investing a lot of money, buy colorful appliances for replacement. Find a color that suits well in your kitchen design to make the most of your hard-earned money.

6. Get Creative with Kitchen Sink and Hardware

You may not have realized but your sink can be used to add subtle tones to the kitchen design. Rustic metal tones go extremely well with the industrial style kitchens. Choose gold or silver kitchen hardware for a pop of color at places like the faucets and knobs.

7. Ceiling Can Be Your Canvas

If you haven’t been paying attention to the ceilings it is time to do so. Pick a lighter hue for spacious areas.