Every one of us is always concerned about maintaining and cleaning our branded and expensive clothes. Branded clothes are already very costly and maintaining them by dry cleaning and laundry can be expensive too. However, you can buy vintage second-hand clothing online to cut the cost but cleaning them is still an issue. No matter whether you are buying brand new clothes or second-hand vintage clothes online you need to know how to keep them clean.

Here are some useful tips that will help you to keep your expensive and delicate clothes clean:


  • Read the label: Most branded clothes come with the washing instructions. Some sellers explain the process in words and others give the picture of the washing procedure. Check the label before giving your cloth to the laundry or before washing it at home. Some clothes also come with straight caution “dry clean only” where you do not have any other option than to give them for dry cleaning.



  • Wash with hands: When there is no specific method described on your dress about cleaning than washing it with hands will also work. However, you need to be extra careful when you are washing your expensive and delicate clothes with hands. Make sure you use a liquid detergent that is milder. Never use a brush for cleaning as it can ruin your dress. Also, make sure that the tub or the sink is already clean so your dress does not catch a new stain.



  • Remove stains instantly: Keep a habit of cleaning the stain the minute you get it. This will make your laundry easier. Stains get tough when you leave them on clothes and it is difficult to get rid of that. You need to instantly sprinkle some water on the stain and put a tissue paper behind so it soaks the stain. This method will help you to prevent permanent stain on your dress.



  • Soak the clothes before washing: Soaking the dirty clothes can make half of your work done. It helps to remove stain and dirt easily. For this, you need to put the outfit in room temperature water. Let it sit for a few hours and wash after that. Give it some time so the stain can dilute in the water remove from the cloth. This process will make further treatment easy for you.



  • Careful machine wash: Machine wash is generally avoided when it comes to expensive clothes. It is logical also as your dress may have thread work or beads work on it. Washing machines can ruin that easily. However, a plain dress can be washed in the machine with care. Make sure your washing machine is not having a central agitator. Choose the program according to your cloth type and keep the washing on gentle mode.



  • Avoid hanging wet clothes: The most common mistake people do is they hang the wet clothes. This can ruin the entire shape of an outfit. Also, the machine dry can again damage the dress. The safest process is to keep them laid flat and air-dry. This will also keep the creasing and wrinkles away from your dress. Let your clothes dry flat and maybe you will not even need to iron them.



  • Do not mix colorful clothes: Never ever make a mistake of mixing all your colorful clothes together while washing. This will not just ruin your one dress but the entire bunch. Most colorful clothes bleed the dye a little bit initially. It is highly recommended to do the patch test before washing them with the other clothes or just wash them separately for a safer side.



  • Turn the outfit inside out: The safest, secure, tried and tested way to wash your delicate clothes is turning them inside out while washing. This technique can also work for fancy clothes that have embroidery or sequence work. Just turn them and soak in a bucket full of clean water and some mild detergent. Dry them and turn again.


Conclusion: These tips will help you to keep your clothes safe and secure for a long time. Whether you are washing your used vintage jerseys or any other dress the above tips are going to be useful always.