Are you also going to opt for shifting? You are really confused about how you are going to relocate? Then you have landed on the right place. Relocation is not easy when you are going to relocate with a pet, children or even vehicles. And people think that they can get it done on themselves. But end up regretting the decision because they are not professional and don’t know the proper process. This is why it is suggested to hire packers and movers in delhi for this tedious task. 

But what if you are new to shifting? We understand that this is why we have created this post. We are here to provide you 9 things that will change the way you approach packers and movers.

1- Get suggestions from your closed ones

Your valuables are something which you have collected from so many past years. And, it is not a joke if you lose them or they get damaged. A big role in all this chaos goes to packers and movers who are responsible to pack and move your possessions.

This is why it is a best option to get suggestions from your closed ones who have done shifting in the past. They will provide you one right stop to consider for your shift.

And if you can’t find any of the closed one who have done shifting then the next option would be great for you.

2- Search Packers and movers in Noida online

Google has got everything covered up and this is why we suggest you to search packers and movers online. You can get tons of options. But you need to choose the right one.

The next point is effective and it doesn’t matter if you choose the suggestion from your closed ones or search moving agencies online. 

3- Check their reviews and ratings

reviews and ratings

One of the most important things is to check the online presence of the first five Google results. You can find many of the reviews regarding their services and behavior from their clients. And, if you find anything suspicious, mark them with the big red dot as a rejected option.

4- Check if they have physical office

Yes, the crucial point is to visit them because everyone is real online and you never know when you get backfire. So, yes visit them personally. Professional packers and movers in greater noida are there to provide you quality work and not just eat up your money. This is why they have an official office where they can get to meet their clients and serve them better.

5- Check the documents

Once you get to meet them personally in their office make sure you keep an eye on their team work. After that, make sure to ask them about their official documents. So that you can bring them to the court in case of any big issue.

6- Check the offered services

Now that you are in their office you can ask them about the services offered. By this you can get the idea if they provide the kind of relocation you want for yourself. Because there is no point of hiring local packers and movers in Surat if you are going to move across the globe.

7- Ask them to deal with papers

Always choose the one relocation assistance that finalize the deal on papers. Genuine packers and movers prefer to finalize the contract on papers so that you get one copy of your moving contract. However, if they are constantly denying to do so, mark them red as well. Once you get the papers of relocation charges or the contract you will have the proof, you can even snap it in your phone for a safer side.

8- Experience

You can’t make a wooden chair if you are a professional mechanic. Yes! If the chosen movers are not well-trained and experienced then there is a high chance that they are going to extend your relocation process. Because the professional one knows how to react to any sudden command.

9- Ask them about insurance coverage


You are moving with all of your belongings. And, trusting someone else with all of your possession. Then it is obvious that you ask them about the safety of your luggage. However, the legit moving company will provide you with insurance assistance. As, in any case if any of your moving items gets damaged you can cover them up through the insurance policy.


Keep contacting them time to time. This would help you to get an idea if they are quick to your query. And, if they are really not attentive to your call it’s a red alert because their customers’ support will surely be poor. Despite this, you will need them badly in the middle of your relocation regarding any problem or query.