The advancement of technology can also be observed in our sexual lives now. This article brings you a complete guide giving you sneak peek through the apps controlled toys. This was beyond the human imagination a while ago and now we have reached out to the stage where we have optimized our convenience to the fullest. Stay tuned and know about the sex toys that can be operated through applications.

Lovense Lush: This has topped the list of perfect app-controlled toys across the globe. The toy has a massive battery back-up of two hours if charged well. Your partner can take charge of controlling the toy through the application and get your unbound pleasure.

·         OhMiBod Freestyle: This is a unique experience of masturbating with music on. The sexy tune and the underneath feeling can together get your immense pleasure at the pinnacle.

·         We-Vibe Verge: This is one of the app-controlled toys that can do the best for couples as well as singles. This is a must-try.

·         Crescendo: It is a unique app-controlled toy experience that anyone can have. This is so because the toy offers a lot of flexibility. From the clitoris to the neck, you can use it to stimulate the horny person within you.

·         Elvie Trainer: This is barely a sex toy rather your orgasm depends on how strong you are down there. The application even tries to keep a track of your experience and you can have fun one fine holiday and experience a whole renovation of the word “orgasm” with this application.

·         Vibease: Vibease stirred the whole sex toy industry by bringing in amazing option which could bring you a shriek orgasmic feeling. It had a sex toy that could be work under the underwear’s and the masturbating session can also be synced with few audio clips with dirty talks. The features are now expanded and made it better as you can have it playing with your partner. But if you are single, then this is the greatest invention that can help you have an orgasm by listening to the dirtiest talk ever that you have been craving to listen to.

·         We-Vibe Sync: This app controlled toy is based on the latest technique. This is something that can barely be controlled by your phone and can be merely completed by your partner’s phone. Your partner can get you a major sexual orgasmic feeling no matter how far he is from you or where he is in the whole world. This is an amazing product to be used when couples are not together physically.

Hence, these were some of the crazy app controlled sex toys which can be controlled through apps installed on the phones. And if you are in a long-distance and you allow your partner to operate the top from far, then you can hardly the measure of the pleasure which can be treasured in such moments. These are the sex toys that have made the modern-day relationships more stable in long-distance as the sexual intimacy is intact to some extent and gets you a lot of sexual pleasure also. Treasure all the orgasms in the world folks. Toddles!

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