We fully understand the current craze surrounding Dekton worktops as it is one of the latest trends in kitchen couture. Right from its sleek and contemporary look to its high functionality and performance, Dekton worktops are the best investment you can make for your kitchen.

A dekton worktop is made out of a man-made mixture consisting of the raw materials porcelain, glass and high-quality quartz. The materials are fused and compressed under high pressure to create a slab which is very dense and compact as well as highly inflexible.

So let us walk you through the qualities of a Dekton worktop so that you can understand why it should be in your kitchen and why it is the best fit.

UV Resistant

One of the main features of a Dekton worktop is that it is highly resistant to UV rays. This makes it the ideal worktop for indoor as well as outdoor work. This worktop can soldier on through many hours in direct sunlight without fading or losing its shine and colour patterns.

Stain Resistant

Since the pores of a dekton worktop is very compact, there are no crevices for stains to creep into and settle down in. These worktops also do not need to be sealed every 2 years, dramatically reducing the amount of work you have to do to keep your worktops in the best condition.

Dekton worktops are also much more hygienic than regular worktops because food particles can not get lodged into the crevices. This feature directly prohibits bacteria from growing.

Scratch Resistant

Since these worktops are famously non-malleable, even fabricators say they require special tools to cut through the slab. This means that Dekton worktops are scratch proof and everyday kitchen activities will not get scratches on the worktop.

It is also highly abrasion-resistant. If you buy a Dekton worktop from KLM worktops, you do not have to fret about placing pots and pans too hard on the surface.

Temperature Resistant

These worktops are made at very extreme temperatures with a lot of pressure. They can sustain both ends of the temperature spectrum without sustaining lasting damage. Whether it is a dish right out of a freezer or a pan right off the stove, you can rest easy by placing it straight on the counter.


Dekton worktops come with low maintenance when it comes to both daily cleaning and long term cleaning. You do not even have to get it sealed every two years. The worktop is also very durable and able to withstand very extreme temperatures without losing any of its lustre or leading to a decrease in the quality of the product. The cherry on top? It can be used for both outdoor and indoor work without any concerning issues.

There are a variety of worktops on the market that you can choose from. But KLM worktops hosts the best products that can fit your needs. You can choose over 40+ colours and designs with many different textures. You can get a glossy finish or a matte finish.