To deal with problems like Coronavirus, new inventions like sanitizing tunnel spray gate are very much successful. Sanitization is the most important thing to be followed these days to prevent the effect of Coronavirus. It is known to disinfect the things very well which pass through it. It also helps in reducing the bacteria and ultimately disinfects the people. Various governments are issuing guidelines to install such tunnels in public places.

These tunnels help to spray the sanitizer in a limited amount to the things which pass through it. It is also combined with a chlorine-based compound which can be used as a disinfectant. It uses this solution in limited quantities and is very much helpful to make the things infection-free which passes through it. Most of the tunnels work by using only 1% of this solution. This is highly recommended for all the public places including the office and the other areas where people work in groups.

Due to the very serious issue being faced by all the countries across the globe, one has to come up with a solution which is in the best interest of the public. This solution is the tunnel-based spray gate which ensures hygiene and sanitization of all the people who pass through it. It works based on atomized liquid sprays which help to saturate the whole environment. This is considered one of the best ways to sanitize the people and covers all those surfaces as well which are not in the reach of its nozzles.

  • The working mechanism of the tunnel:

The tunnel’s working is based on the atomized sprays which help to disinfect the people and things in an efficient manner. In this way, this is the best thing to sanitize all the things before entering the premises of the offices.

  • Uses of the tunnel:

This is very well in usage for the sanitization of the people, things and materials which are required in a particular organization.

  • Some common areas where they can be used:
  1.    In the places which have a lot of traffic:

This must be installed at all the places which have high traffic and are crowded, like the pharmacies, hospitals and the private and public offices.

  1.    In the offices of both the government and private based companies:

This gate can be very well installed to avail the benefits in the public and private based offices. This will help to make the things infection-free so that they can be further used in the processes.

  1.    This can be used in the sector of healthcare:

This is very much efficient to sanitize the people and ambulances so that they are completely infection-free. The systems help to disinfect the drivers and all other associated people so that they are risk-free from this infection.

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These are available in many sizes and can even be customized by the sanitizer tunnel manufacturers in India to cater to the needs of all the esteemed customers. This is the need of the hour and all people must realize the importance of this invention.