In history, underwear was actually worn as outerwear as loincloths. Then came the codpiece (Henry VIII decorated his for max effect). Later, full-body suits emerged and 1920s pugilists gave designers the concept for boxer shorts. And from there, modern pants evolved.


Buy more pants

It may seem obvious, but the primary thing you would like to try and do to induce your underwear situation in restraint is to buy more pants. A recent survey showed that the common British best gent’s underwear is over four years old.

Pay attention

That doesn’t mean you have got to discard perfectly respectable underwear before it’s time. Listen day-to-day to avoid common mistakes, like wearing the incorrect size or just not noticing when pairs have outstayed their welcome.

This is important, not least because underwear is that the layer that sits right next to your skin, which suggests it can really affect the way you look and feel.


What color to choose?

When you’re picking new smalls, spare an instant to contemplate color. Black, blue, and gray are always popular among everyone. They age well, hide stains, and are universally flattering.

It’s not just women who wish to have a special black pair of drawers for special occasions. Black underwear is definitely flattering for men and makes you look slimmer.


Fabric is a very important consideration

You carefully consider fabric when purchasing a replacement suit, shirt, or sweater, so why not