Acuitas ActivEHR Software is an integrated hybrid electronic health record (EHR) solution that caters to small as well as large Organizations. The solution can either be deployed on-premise or hosted in the cloud. Established in 1993, Acuitas provides its software and services to over 8,000 sites in 77 countries. The company has over 200 staff based in the US, Canada, Ireland, England, Wales, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, and China.

Acuitas ActivEHR features 

 Acuitas ActivEHR has many excellent features that can benefit all kinds of organizations be it a small one or a large one. It has patient engagement tools, medical records, Practice management scheduling, etc. All these features are very important as they help improve the quality of care and increase productivity. Some of the popular features of Acuitas ActivEHR are as follows: 


  • Recall and Marketing
  • Equipment Integration
  • Clinical Records
  • Reports and Analytics



All the above-mentioned features are offered by Acuitas ActivEHR software and these features help a lot with making the workflow streamline. The Scheduling feature offers a comprehensive appointment booking tool offering multiple views of the practice, defined by the user. Acuitas ActivEHR online appointment service integrates customer websites with the Acuitas Scheduler module, allowing patients to log in, see available time slots, and book appointments, based on the live practice scheduler. This feature is available to patients 24 hours a day from any PC, tablet, or mobile device with internet access. 


Acuitas ActivEHR software has a feature for Reporting and Analytics which provides a full complement of reports allowing users to track the progression of all aspects of their optical practice. Each report is grouped under headings referring to the aspect they reference, these are accounts, appointments, examinations, patients, sales, and stock. Acuitas has an Integrated Business Intelligence Reporting module called Logix which provides visual analytics for patients and appointments. 


This EHR Software can complete an entire patient appointment without using any printed documents or transferring to any third-party system. It has a fully integrated system that allows all the information to be transferred directly to the EHR Software. This eliminates the chance of errors and makes the process quicker and more efficient than it ever was. 

How Is Acuitas ActivEHR Better Than Traditional Methods? 

Now the question that arises is why choose Acuitas ActivEHR Software over other Software or the traditional methods? Firstly, Acuitas ActivEHR software is providing great services at a price relatively lower than other EHR Software. Moreover, all the features that are being offered by this software are highly effective. This software is used and recommended by many healthcare specialists. The software has all the right features to improve the quality of work, it’s easy to navigate, patients tend to like it, and it allows total integration which is a huge plus for all the healthcare providers.


Traditional method recording data manually, and keeping a huge load of files at your office. What this EHR Software does is that it takes away the need for paperwork, it eliminates the risk of errors or the files/documents getting lost, and it makes sure that all the information is being saved in one place. The quality of care is improved, the efficiency at work increases and the tasks become easier. Finally, let’s move on to Acuitas ActivEHR Pricing.

Acuitas ActivEHR Pricing and Reviews

The pricing of this software is relatively low. You can request for Acuitas ActivEHR software demo as well as the pricing on our website Software Finder. You can also find Acuitas ActivEHR Reviews and these reviews will help you when you are making a decision. 


Acuitas activEHR is a great EHR Software that is liked by any healthcare provider. It has great features to help you with clinical efficiency and improvement in the quality of care. If you want to invest in a good EHR Software, you should consider Acuitas ActivEHR Software. If you want to know more about this software, you can request a demo. This will further help you while making a decision.