Aircraft galleys are an essential piece of aircraft equipment. It is the most vital component of an airframe. Most companies consider aircraft galleys to be a structural component, because it is often the largest part of an aircraft. This means that when choosing the most suitable aircraft galley equipment for an airframe, the customer must take into account many factors, such as: the layout of the aircraft, its interior configuration, the number of seats, the service life of each component, and many more. When ordering an aircraft galleys, clients should also look for the quality of the material, whether it be aluminum or fibreglass, which will determine both the cost and the life of the galleys.

Because the aircraft galleys are so large, they are typically made out of either wood or composite material. Wood is by far the most popular choice due to its ability to blend in with various surroundings, but due to its weight, it restricts the amount of movement that takes place in an aircraft. Composite material is also widely used, as it is lighter than wood and more flexible, and allows greater freedom of movement. The design of these types of aircraft galley equipment can vary quite significantly, depending on the manufacturer, and the final product will depend greatly on the final configuration. Wood is usually more expensive but provides the most flexibility. Most composite products on the market are more affordable, making them a good choice for most small to medium-sized aircraft.

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