Do you know that 20 million air cargo packages are delivered every day with a gross weight of over 140,000 tonnes? This further includes 657 million packets and 898 million documents. Air Freight is more varied than you would imagine, with 1.1M smartphones being delivered, 80,000 flowers and even 200 horses.

Airfreight services are also recognised as air cargo service in Pakistan. It is the quick transportation of goods at the local or international level. Air transport is a key element in many logistics operations. This is important for managing and regulating the outflow of goods, records, stocks and people.


Air cargo to India

India is a fast-growing and active market in the world. According to the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index, India was ranked 35 in 2016, compared to 54 in 2014. India is becoming successful in preparing and organising a better economy. It not only encourages projects like Made in India but also enables India to become part of the international stock chain. 


Agility, Emerging Markets Logistics Ranking, reported that India was second in the 2017 catalogue due to shifting locations with the UAE.


Government policies

India’s success in introducing new policies has opened further doors to the development of its economy. As a result, the country invited major investment and guided the entrance of new airlines. India has also confirmed the introduction of new goals for existing airlines.


The Indian Freight market is expected to see phenomenal growth in the coming years. Global and local freight traffic has risen by 10.8% and 7.0%. This growth has resulted in an average rise of 9.3 per cent.


In order to ensure global competitiveness, the Government of India has developed the Cargo Group Scheme. This group functions within the scope of the National Civil Aviation Policy 2016.


The Government of India has developed the Cargo Society Scheme. This functions within the context of the National Civil Aviation Policy 2016. To ensure international competitiveness.


India is trying to uplift the freight industry. The Airport Authority of India has thus formed a subsidiary company. It is called AAI Cargo Logistics & Allied Services Company Limited. This effort is allowing the Indian freight industry a leading integrated logistics network provider. 


All these made sending cargo to India much easier.


Air cargo Pakistan

Pakistan is the world’s growing economy. According to the World Bank review, some 200 million young people in the rising population are developing Pakistan’s economy. Air Freight from the USA to Pakistan is the second-largest economy in South Asia. There are excellent opportunities to improve UK exports of goods in this market.

Pakistan is eager to increase and expand its export market. It is already efficient in certain items, such as textiles, clothes, surgical instruments, steel and sports goods. As the UK is the largest marketplace, Pakistan looks forward to exporting with the UK. Cargo to Pakistan is striving to continue trading with the big countries.

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