Alanine: Market outlook

Rising traction towards health and wellness among the population has significantly increased the demand for global nutritional supplements market. Nutritional supplements contain a mixture of amino acids, peptides, and proteins, which aids in providing the required amount of protein to the body. Alanine is one of the major amino acids, which is predominantly found in the various nutritional supplements. Sports Drinks and energy drinks also include amino acids such as alanine, valine, isoleucine, leucine, and others. The increased use of these amino acids in these drinks are propelling the demand of global alanine market for its growth rate. Alanine is a non-essential amino acid which is secreted inside the body and present in plasma.

Global alanine market is gaining popularity among the consumers owing to its multiple health benefits. Alanine is involved in acid and sugar metabolism in the body and also increases immunity, and provides energy for the brain, muscle tissue, and the central nervous system. In the global alanine market, Europe and North America hold the major share in consumption and production of alanine, attributing to the presence of global players in the region. In addition, the promotional strategies and marketing of these players in the region make the consumer more aware of these products in the market, which ultimately increases the consumption of nutritional supplements.

Rising Demand for Alanine sweetener and important component in protein supplements

The escalating demand for natural food ingredients is fuelling the demand for alanine in the global food and beverage industry as alanine is mainly used as a sweetening agent in various food and beverage food products. Alanine is also one of the essential components of high sweetness-Alitame, which is 600 times sweeter than natural sucrose. The demand for alanine is increasing at a high growth rate in the food and beverage industry and also in the pharmaceutical industry. In the food and beverage industry, the alanine is used as a flavor enhancer, and it can increase the seasoning effect of seasoning. On the other hand, Alanine is also used as a sour agent to improve the acidity of organic acids. In the global food and beverage industry, Alanine is used to increase the nutritional content of food and beverages such as tea, milk, bread, ice cream, carbonated soft drinks, and others. In the pharmaceutical industry, alanine is widely used as the main component of medical amino acid preparation and also used as a raw material for the pharmaceutical grade l-alanine preparation. Alanine can be directly absorbed by the cells which enable the consumer to quickly restore fatigue and hearten spirit. With the increasing demand for alanine in the nutritional supplement market, it can be expected that the demand for alanine will increase over the coming years.

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Opportunities for Market Participants:

Due to its multiple benefits in sugar metabolism, it is also administered during the hypoglycemic state, which leads to an increase in sugar level of the body by the rapid breakdown of sugar in the body. On the other hand, alanine has also gained the demand due to its functionality in the prevention of kidney stones and boosting the immune system. The sales in global alanine market are increasing with the buzz of “natural ingredients” in the food products. Apart from all the mentioned factors above, increasing awareness among the population is expected to increase the demand for alanine over the forecast period.

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Global Alanine: Key Players

Few major players operating their business in the global alanine market are  Huaheng, SINOGEL, Evonik, Ajinomoto, Yabang, Huaibei Yuanye, Evonik Rexim(Nanning), Shiyuan, Kyowa Hakko Huayang, Jiecheng, Ajinomoto(China), WuXi JingHai and others. Many global manufacturers are showing their keen interest to bring alanine in their product line.

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