Selling eyewear products online is the latest business trend. Entrepreneurs nowadays are paying special attention to this industry. Most of them are feeding on this business idea using Advanced woocommerce eye glass prescription plugin that offers some of the following features: 

  • It is a complete solution required for selling eyewear products online easily. 
  • It displays pre-configured options for the fields of lens type products. 
  • Allows customers to purchase lens type products for single as well as both eyes. 
  • Offers the auto-creation of fields like curve, power and diameter etc. 
  • Helps customers preview the details of their order on cart-page, checkout & order view pages etc. 

Let’s get to know about this Advanced WooCommerce eye lens & Glasses plugin in detail:

Before we get to the point, it is important that you know about its back-end demo details for having its demo without hassles. 

Back-end demo details:

Username: admin

Password: NewEyeglassplugin%&F

Features of Advanced WooCommerce eye lens & Glasses plugin in detail: 

Easy installation:

This is the most important thing you expect in WooCommerce plugin. It is the part of this one also. You need to access the marketplace for initiating the installation process of this plugin. For more information, you can research about WooCommerce eyeglass extension configuration online.

Specified below is the process of its general configuration:

Choose the product type to create and add lens product groups. 

Options for customization:

This is another specialty of this WooCommerce plugin. 

It allows you to configure the customization options you need. The main thing it provides is the variety of fields for eye lens products. All these fields are always ready-for-use anytime.  The list of these fields is not limited to the following only: 

  • Customized configuration
  • Base
  • Curve
  • Diameter
  • Power 
  • Addition 

All in all, Advanced WooCommerce eye lens & Glasses plugin acts as the medium all online eyewear store owners running their optical business on WooCommerce need to configure values and add fields for both eyes. Finally, you can save your configuration after performing this step. 

Makes shopping faster for your customers: 

This is another key specialty of this WooCommerce plugin. It allows your customers to select lenses for single as well as both eyes easily and checkout faster. 

This is not the end of the list of WooCommerce eye lens & Glasses plugin’s features. There are many more features that you can get to know about only after visiting SoftProdigy Store. Another key thing you would like to know about is the way it works for your online optical store running on WooCommerce.