Having a confident smile is a source of happiness for many. Unfortunately, sometimes we may miss this due to the ill-health of our teeth. Teeth’s health may not seem as important to one as an internal organ injury but the discomfort and pain caused by dental health problems isn’t just anything. It is painful, uncomfortable, and heart-breaking for those suffering from it. Fortunately, with the advancement in medical science, there are a lot of dental health problems that can be easily solved now. For example, if you have to lose a tooth or two in some accident you can get dental implants anytime to compensate for them. They would be as good as your natural teeth.

What are dental implants?

Think of dental implants as an artificial tooth that has screws on it end. You might wonder how does a screw work as a tooth? It’s actually quite simple. An abutment which is a connector is fixed in your jaw bone. This creates a holding for the screw end of the custom-made tooth to go in and get fixed. All types or sets of teeth can be replaced or fixed using this made. With over 40 years of practice and usage, this practice is medically-approved and completely safe to perform.

Should you get a dental implant?

There are various dental procedures that can help you with a missing tooth or other similar issues. The reason as to why you should choose dental implant treatment in India over other procedures can be explained below:


Often people go for the cheaper alternative of dental implants, dentures, to solve their teeth problem. Though on the surface, dentures may seem cheap and reliable, the overhead to make them useful over a long time is a lot. The constant need to change them every 7 years (given they are of a good quality else they can’t even last that long), the cost of fixatives used along with dentures, cleaning solutions, and other things needed to use a set of dentures is not cheap at all. When we compared dental implants to this, you can easily see why people opt for them. They can easily last for more than 25 years without much need to a lot of maintenance work. It’s simply only a one-time upfront cost that can give a reliable set of teeth for many years to come.

Preserving facial structure

With the bone loss in the jaw due to a failing tooth, one’s facial structure can also be affected. To prevent this, it is better to use dental implants which are not only sturdy but also firm and give proper support to the jaw bone.

So, if you too are looking into getting dental implants in India, it would be a good time. As with increasing facilities and expertise in the dental field of Indian doctors, you would be sure to get the best treatment within your budget. Dental implants could become the solution to a lot of your problems.