With the aim to revolutionise the farming and agricultural sector, Rajan Nanda Innovation Lab – an innovative body owned by Escorts Limited, introduced India’s biggest idea incubation programme called IC Square this year. An Inter College Innovation Challenge, IC Square is the unique programme that offers an opportunity to college students across India to submit their creative and innovative product ideas in the fields of agri-tech, infra-tech and rail-tech. The top 10 innovative ideas will win the seed funding of Rs.10 lakhs each. Isn’t that great? This programme will not only give much-needed exposure to the students but will also help shape their ideas into flourishing businesses.

What gives this Challenge an Edge above the Others?

 Youngsters today are the powerhouse of startup ideas that can bring change in the lives of many. They think of their startup ideas right in their college, but many do not pursue their dream venture because some are not confident with their ideas, some are not aware of the revolution their ideas can bring in society, some do not get the right opportunity, some are brushed off by the funders who look at them as mere youngsters, and there are so many more reasons to the list.

These problems discourage the young talents of our nation who in return does not follow what they really want to do, making them settle for something less. IC Square is one such platform which will give these young talents an opportunity to speak up their minds. This is not all! It comes with manifold purposes – 1. Giving a platform to the young entrepreneurs, 2. Thriving to bring a revolution in the world of agriculture and rail-tech.

Noone would deny us if we say that we need innovative farming solutions in order to have a sustainable agricultural ecosystem. Through this programme, Escorts Limited and RNIL will also be introducing the top 10 innovative ideas in the agri-tech sector and rail-tech sector, thus taking a step forth towards a technology-friendly India, which is efficient and smart. Just imagine if they actually become successful in bringing a revolution, what will be the face of India then? Where agriculture contributes to 17% of the total GDP, just imagine by how much percentage will it actually rise due to the increase in productivity and efficiency, simultaneously increasing the employment. Well, we can only imagine!

The IC Square Challenge Process

Wondering how will this challenge unfold? Who will select the top 10 innovative ideas? Well, the future of the country and the participants lies in the capable hands of IC Square’s esteemed panel of judges. The jury consists of esteemed professionals, who have proved their mettle in their respective fields time and again.

The IC Square Challenge consists of four rounds namely – Submission of the Ideas, Qualifying Round, Finale and The Grand Finale. Shortlisting the ideas on the basis of four parameters – 1. Innovation, 2. Feasibility, 3. Social Impact, 4.Business Value, the judges will be selecting the top 20 ideas post submission and then will be finalizing top 10 ideas in the Grand Finale after posing a few more challenges to the candidates.

How can Interested Ones Apply? 

Interested candidates have to do nothing much. They just have to send their innovative ideas by recording their videos or by filling a simple IC Square template. Simple, no? It’s the opportunity which has come knocking at your door, do not let it slip away! Watch out the IC Square’s official website for more information.

 Summing up

IC Square is the platform through which today’s youngsters will get an opportunity to bloom into young entrepreneurs. Here, they can turn their startup ideas into a creative and innovative product. In its first year, IC Square is inviting entries for clutter-breaking ideas in agritech, infra-tech and rail-tech. The top 10 winners will get the seed funding of Rs. 10 lakhs each. Interesting it will be to see which top 10 innovative ideas change the face of the country. Stay tuned to know more!