Roulette, as we all know, is a  ball-drop-based casino game. A tiny ball is dropped on a rotating wheel with numbered sections, and each player would wager on the predicted number on which the ball would finally rest. Usually, such wheels have either one or two zeros, and these are the two major formats of Roulette in both real and online casinos. The Roulette odds, strategies, and house edge have a significant impact on these outcomes. 

However, there is a newer and more recent format of Roulette that has increasingly become trending among most online casinos, of late. Triple Zero Roulette has changed the face of the game and has become a sensation among online casino players.

Understanding the game

Triple Zero Roulette was initially played at charity events where the winnings of the game went to support the cause of the charity. However, in recent times, this game is also being played online as a part of casual betting. 

In a Triple Zero Roulette, the payoffs are almost the same as those of its counterparts. However, there are a total of 39 numbers of this version of the game as opposed to 36 (single zero) and 37 (double zero) in the other two. You would have numbers from 1-36, 0, 00, and 000. Each of these zero pockets included in this game gives the house advantage. 

However, the point to be considered is that while the odds are not that great, you would get a higher player rating and rewards. Also, depending on the number of zeros, the true odds are 19-18, 20-18, or 21-18. Some variations of the game in online casinos offer a reduced house edge on the even-money bet by up to 3.8%.

Triple Zero Roulette Bets

To play Triple Zero Roulette, you should be aware of inside and outside bets. 

Outside bets:

Odd or even bets

Depending on your choice, this bet would pay you in even-odds. You can win it if the ball lands on an odd or even number of your choice. 

Low or high bets

You would get an even payout if your bets are low and the ball lands between  1-18 or the bets are high, and the ball lands between 19-36.


The player has an option of choosing from the three dozens available in the three available columns. The win is a 2-1 payout if the ball falls between any number from the chosen dozen.

Red bet or black bet

You would get an even payout if your ball lands on either of the colours (red and black) depending on which colour you bet on.


Every Triple Zero Roulette wheel has a three-column layout with 12 numbers on each column. The player will ideally get a 2-1 payout if the ball lands on any of the numbers in the column that he/she chose.

When and if your number lands on either 0 or 00, you would lose on these outside bets. However, the payouts would differ if you choose one of the inside bets.

Inside bets:

Straight-up bet 

Here, the player would bet on a particular number and win if the ball falls on the exact number.

Corner bet

It is also known as a square or quarter bet. A player would bet on four numbers forming a square and win if the ball falls on any of those numbers.

Split bet 

When a player bets on any two adjacent numbers, he/she participates in a split bet. The chip would be placed between the two numbers to make this stakeout.

Street bet

If a player wants to participate in this bet, he/she would need to cover three numbers, and the bet would ideally be placed outside of the three numbers but in the row where he/she wants to win.

Five-number bet

The odds of this are entirely different when compared to the others. The player would bet on 0, 1, 2, 3, and 00, and the placement of the chip would be between 1 and 0. The drawback of this bet is that it has a higher house edge.

Six-number bet

Popularly known as the line-bet, it covers two adjoining number lines on the wheel.

You can expect a 35-1 on bets with single numbers, and a 17-1 probability on two-number bets or splits. Players would have an 11-1 on three number streets, 5-1 on six numbered double street bets, 8-1 on a four corner bet, and 2-1 on a 12 number bet.

While most online casinos provide a reasonable edge to the players, you must be wary of the three zero pockets while playing Triple Zero Roulette. The most crucial aspect of this game is to have control over yourself and determine when to stop and withdraw from the game.

So play Triple Zero Roulette Wheel and let us know your insights in the comments.