Insomnia or sleeplessness is all about the violation of the duration and quality of sleep. Whether it’s because of stress or any other reason, insomnia has still maintained its medical and social significance. No research until now has found out the exact number of insomniacs in the world because it’s infinite.

Due to the increasing cases of insomnia, different treatments are advised by specialists and doctors. And one amongst them is prescribing zolpidem, one of the best sleeping tablets.

Zolpidem is a generic name for Ambien that acts as a sedative for the users. The tablets work by chemically altering the brain and attempting to fix the imbalances that cause insomnia. It gives a calming effect and helps the person to get a good sleep.

Zolpidem is available in 5 mg and 10mg. Generally, doctors prescribe zolpidem 10mg tablets and advice to take an hour before going to bed. But in case you are suffering from liver dysfunction or have crossed the age of 60, the doctors would prefer zolpidem 5mg tablets. If they find that tolerance is good with no side effects, they might increase the dose of the sleeping tablets.

Though zolpidem is one of the most prescribed sleeping tablets and is effective, the treatment is short-term. The doctors usually prescribe zolpidem for 2 to 4 weeks because long-term treatment is not safe. If doctors find that sleeping tablets are not as effective as expected, they change the treatment pattern but rarely extent the period. In most cases, people eliminate insomnia.

The best part of taking zolpidem is it’s not addictive if taken as prescribed and in a controlled way. If you increase the dosage or take longer than the prescribed time, you will poorly suffer from withdrawal symptoms at the time of ceasing the medication. It will make your life worse and can be life-threatening.

Zolpidem is a fast-acting pill that lasts for 7 to hours in a row. So, you should take the pills only if you are ready to take a break for these long hours. After consuming, you should not perform any activity that requires attention because you will be under a hypnotic state. Due to this, the experts advise taking the pills after completing all your household chores. Besides, if you do not complete a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep and wake after 2 hours, you will suffer from coordination problems, low alertness, memory problems, and increased fatigue.

Another important point to consider for zolpidem is it is not used for treating people with hereditary lactose intolerance or lactase deficiency because the drug contains lactose. The combination of both can be harmful to your health. So, if you are one of them, we recommend informing your doctor. Other than lactose intolerance, zolpidem is not advisable for people with hepatic failure, depression, and chronic alcohol dependence.

At last, we would like to conclude by saying that zolpidem reduces the ability to respond and coordinate if the treatment is exceeded and interacts poorly with other drugs. So, consult your doctor before starting sleeping pills and follow the instructions properly.