Most people these days are considering to opt for digital ways as it provides more convenience to them. The report shows that more than 65% of users’ time is spent on digital media. Most users turn to their smartphones, especially when it comes to searching for any of the information, making purchases, or performing any other task online. In the U.S. alone, more than 80% of mobile users are making use of smartphones, this figure is quite high when it comes to millennials, it is measured around 94%.

Statista report shows that mobile app downloads in China were measured around 90.3 billion in 2018 and are estimated to reach around 147.2 billion annual app downloads by the end of 2023. In comparison to that, mobile app downloads in North America were measured 12.1 billion in 2018 and forecasted to increase by 15.2 billion app downloads by the end of 2023.

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Top Tools to Use to Measure the App Uninstallation Rate

In the report, it was measured that the majority of apps get uninstalled instantly within an hour after downloading it from the app store. The app retention for industry standards is estimated at around 20% at 72 hours post-install. That simply means that 8 out of 10 people prefer to uninstall the app after three days of downloading it, while 20% consider uninstalling the app within the 90 days mark. Hence it becomes vital for business entrepreneurs to know why their prospective customers uninstall the app from their device. 

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No matter whether you own a stand-alone product or enterprise app. You simply need to find why some users uninstall the app within seconds just after downloading it, what you can do to improve your app usage user base, and much more. You can make use of various tools helping you to track uninstallation data helping you to plan an effective strategy that ensures to enhance your app installation and usage strategy to a great extent. 

It is one of the best platforms that helps you to track the real and accurate stats related to app uninstalls. provides an SDK to the users helping them to track the uninstallation of your business app. The interface of the app uninstallation tracking tool is quite easy to follow, users can immediately understand the app uninstallation tracking data by visualizing it. 

The tracking tool helps you to calculate uninstallations by different criteria such as time of uninstallation of an app, user acquisition source, and many other criteria. It provides you with the reason for the app’s uninstallation, which makes it easy for you to know why particular users have uninstalled your developed app and what you need to improve to enhance your user base. 


Google Play Developer Console

Google platform allows you to track your business app performance. You are also allowed to measure the installation and uninstallation of the app using the Google Play developer console. Select the app and click on the app you want to check the complete report related to the installation and uninstallation of the app. 


Ways to Prevent App Uninstallation and Increase Your Customer Base

The report shows that more than 30% of apps get installed by people worldwide. They later uninstall the app due to various reasons which matter most for your business. You need to keep your app goal in mind to prevent the app’s uninstallation rate in a short time. It can also help you to provide an excellent experience to end-users ensuring your business and profit growth. 


Start Tracking

One of the important steps that you have to consider, especially for finding the root of evil in a short time, is tracking the app uninstallation. You can easily make the plan to reach your targeted goal by considering to track the app uninstallation rate and reason simultaneously. It can help you know what occurs inside your developed app and how you can handle every activity that your app provides by using various tracking tools available online.


Collect Feedback

If you want to find the reason for app uninstallation, it becomes vital for you to collect feedback related to the app solution then you have crafted for your business. You can opt for an elluminati inc uber like app that provides an effective communication platform where your prospective customers can share their reviews. Make sure to check reviews related to your business app on various platforms, including the social media platform. These can help you provide an excellent business solution for improving your customers’ experience to a great extent. You can take the help of developers to solve all the issues that your prospective customers are facing with your business app. 


Ending Note

Keep in mind that it’s your targeted customers who decide your application’s destiny. Users’ minds are constantly changing, it completely depends on various factors. During the initial stage, your app idea can look excited, but later they get bored with the same idea. There are various reasons that your business app is not looking excited and wonderful for your users. Moreover, you can consider using various tools and tips which help you improve the uninstallation rate in no time. You can even consider the professional guideline by taking their support, enhancing your app users base, and increasing your business visibility in today’s competitive market.