In our busy and busy world, it is very difficult to make time for friends or make new friends. There are so many things that people prioritize about camaraderie. A thousand years ago, people were already very happy with a comfortable cave to live, a warm animal skin to dress their body and a sufficient supply of food. But today, we are not happy with just a clean house to live, enough food and clothes to wear. There are so many things we need to “make ourselves happy” or so we believe. There are gadgets to acquire, a flashy sports car, holidays outside the country annually and the expensive jewels we use and give to our wife.

Making friends has a new definition. It is through the Internet that most people communicate and make new friends. Gone are the days when a person called their friends and scheduled a meeting party on weekends. What happened to the personal touch? And sports have also taken a new level. When you ask a child and ask what sports he practices, he replies “I like to play tennis with my Wii.” Now, isn’t it weird? How can a person really enjoy life without constant communication from their friends? And how can you enjoy the sport if you play it with a computer? Sports are intended to cultivate and develop friendship with other people, as well as to keep the physical body fit and Archery tag. But with the world and technology constantly changing, the essence of participation in sports is slowly disappearing.

If you have the luxury of time to spend your weekend surfing the Internet or maybe just sit on the couch all day watching gossip news or junk TV shows. Why not consider spending your time in a happy and productive way? Why not play sports? You can start playing archery in your local community. You can even accompany your spouse and children. What better than spending the weekend with the whole family? Not only is he giving a good example to his children, but he is also teaching them good qualities. Sport can teach a person to be patient, persistent, as well as courage. You can enjoy the weekend playing and learning archery. The good thing about this sport is that it is economical and you can order supplies online even without leaving your office or home.