Lip glosses, like most other cosmetics, are the kind of products that are sold on their ability to attract the customers in the cosmetics stores. This makes lip gloss boxes quite important not just for the protection of the product but also the advertisement advantages they hold at the retail store. Their design can be customized to suit the special needs of each brand; this can be facilitated by various designers and manufacturers available locally. They are manufactured with cardboard, kraft, and paper stock. All these manufacturing materials are well-known for being highly customizable as well as 100 percent safe for the products and environment-friendly. Moreover, their protection and presentation can be enhanced by using various exciting finishing options. These include soft-touch, lamination, embossing, spot UV, glossy, and matte finishing. This way, you can make these boxes more alluring. Eventually, it will enhance the revenue of your brand as well as its reputation in the market.

There have been numerous changing trends in the packaging styles of cosmetic products. The packaging manufacturing industry and its consumers realize the design perception and expectations of their target audience and are adapting accordingly. Packaging for lip gloss is witnessing tremendous changes.

The following are some of the changes that are expected to be seen in the coming years.

Thicker Box Sheet:

Amongst the recent trends that have been observed recently in the Cosmetics box design is the use of thicker and printed corrugated boxes. Earlier, these boxes used to be made out of thin cardboard sheets, but as time has passed, various cosmetic brands are making the use of thicker and heavier material paper sheets to manufacture them. The main reason behind this is that most high-end brands present their lip glosses in solid and brittle glass type material, which is very liable to breakage. If that happens, the product would simply be wasted. There is a great chance of mishandling during their transportation as well; therefore, it is necessary to secure them through some robust packaging that provides a reasonable buffer to the products. This method is very likely to be seen for most of the lip glosses in the market because these thicker boxes are cheap to acquire and can be provided by most custom printed lip gloss boxes wholesale manufacturers. Therefore, it would not make a big difference in prices too.

Transparent Packages:

As we know that lip glosses come in clear glass or hard plastic-type bottles or applicators with different flavors. The applicator end is usually visible from outside the bottle to the user. But it has better advantages from the marketing and retail perspective that the flavor is visible from outside the box of the lip gloss, which makes the customers easily select their favorite flavor accordingly. They would not need to open the packaging to view the product flavor and prevent the damage that might be inflicted on the packaging boxes by repetitive opening and closing. This can be expected to be seen with a lot of consumer cosmetic products, not just the lip glosses in the coming times.

Place Holder Packaging:

The size of the packaging is usually larger than the packed product inside it. And because of this, the packed product keeps oscillating inside the packaging. This feels very inappropriate, especially when being carried away; therefore, many lip gloss boxes vendors are introducing the product holding dies inside the packaging. This would prevent the lip gloss inside the packaging from moving around like dice. We can expect most cosmetics from various brands to be presented in a packaging with these type of fixings that keep the products fixed inside the packaging box.

Graceful Designs:

Lip gloss is a makeup item that is used by people of all age groups and genders. In the past, the packaging boxes of the lip glosses could be seen printed in a showy manner from various brands since they were assumed to be a product for the college-age group. But now, as the brands have recognized their acceptance in the mature aged audience as well; therefore, they are now available in relatively more graceful and blunt designs in comparison to the trends of the past. We can expect the packaging of the lip boxes to be available with the kind of printing that is suitable to attract all kinds of audiences instead of just a specified syndicate.

Descriptive packaging:

As people got awareness about various items in the market through social media and better education, they are more interested in knowing about the products they are about to purchase. We can expect the audience at a cosmetics store that would be eager to know the content of the products and various other aspects that could enhance their confidence in its usage. It is important in the case of cosmetics as they are going to use these products on their skin. Especially for the lip gloss, which can potentially affect the health if it has something deteriorative or poisonous. Therefore, people are more interested to know about what is inside the product they are about to use. Providing adequate information to the consumer, through the packaging, is becoming increasingly popular for a great variety of products. Therefore, we can expect more details in the future trends of the lip gloss packaging as well.

Eco-friendly Boxes:

We used to commonly witness reusable lip gloss boxes made out of plastic that was more common than the cardboard alternatives as they were desired by most of the customers and held room for better profits for the manufacturers. But as the world is enforcing the limitations on the use of non-biodegradable plastics, product-based businesses are more inclined towards more sustainable packaging methods now. Therefore, eco-friendly lip gloss boxes are more in the business than they used to be in the recent past.

Final Words

These were a few of the trendy modifications in the lip gloss boxes that we can expect to be seen in the year 2021. Packaging designs keep changing according to the requirement of time and people. The choice is largely affected by what people would want to see and what is more appropriate by the concurrent time.