Market Outlook

Arginine is an α-amino acid present in the human body as well as in small quantities in some fruits such as almonds, peanuts, pecans, and walnuts. Arginine performs synthesis or production of protein in the human body. Arginine is classified as a conditionally essential or semi-essential amino acid. As arginine is a conditional amino acid, it can be produced either internally or through supplements according to the individual’s requirement. To cater the demand for conditional amino acid, arginine supplements are recommended as a source.

The body of preterm infants are unable to create arginine; hence they require amino acid or arginine. For childrens, a sufficient amount of arginine is important in the diet to support their growth. Arginine is used to manufacture dietary supplements, medicines, and cosmetic products. Arginine supplements helps cure inflammation and migraine. Arginine helps to enhance immunity power, stimulate the secretion of hormone growth, promotes wound healing and ammonia detoxification, among other functions. Also, the consumption of L-arginine supplements leads to cure from congestive heart failure problems, arterial occlusion, and to lower blood pressure. Arginine or arginine supplements helps in strengthening the immune system and maintain liver health. By considering the above benefits of arginine, the demand for arginine is expected high in the near future.

Arginine an Essential Amino Acid That Helps Muscle Building.

Arginine is an essential amino acid, building blocks for the protein that helps muscle building. Arginine is available in the market as a supplement named as L-arginine supplement. Arginine supplement is a good source of amino acid and is a good product for gym goers for bodybuilding. Also, many sports nutrition, health foods, and drinks are developed by arginine for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Except fitness freaks, bodybuilders, and athletes, arginine supplements are suggested for the people with protein deficiency or malnutrition concerns.

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Opportunities for Market Participants

The growing trend of muscles building around the world is expected to create significant opportunities for the manufacturers of arginine to grow their business through the development of innovative products. Arginine is used in pharmaceutical industries to manufacture supplements and medicines to treat various health problems such as heart failure, chest pain, kidney inflammation, erectile dysfunction, and problems related to the immune system, which is creating prospects for the growth of the arginine market. Also, the local diet of certain regions such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and nearby countries lacks amino acids, which creates the need for the consumption of supplements rich in amino acid such as arginine supplement to fulfill the daily requirement of amino acid in the body. Hence, manufacturers should focus on these regions as the demand for the arginine is expected high in these regions. Also, due to changing lifestyle globally have resulted in various lifestyle diseases such as diarrhea, chronic kidney disease, and cardiovascular disease, among others.  In some countries like the U.S.A and Europe exposure to such disease is prevalent that leads to an increase in healthcare expenditure; hence, this factor is expected to drive the arginine market. So, by these factors, it is anticipated that Arginine market will grow positive during the upcoming years.

  • There is a huge demand for the arginine in North America, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific owing to the growing interest for bodybuilding among consumers of these regions. Also, these countries hold, the highest number of athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts which is another factor for the growth of arginine in these regions.

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Global Arginine Market: Key Players

The global Arginine market is evolving due to the increasing trend of muscle building. Hence, many supplement and health and fitness products manufacturers are focusing on this product. Some of the key manufacturers and distributors operating in the global arginine market are Jarrow Formulas, Inc., Prinova Group LLC., Glanbia Nutritionals (NA), Inc., NOW Foods, Infinite Labs, Twinlab Corporation, Olympian Labs, Inc., and Ajinomoto Group, Scientific Sports Nutrition (Pty) Ltd. By considering the increasing demand for arginine, many other manufacturers are showing a keen interest in arginine.

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