It should come as no surprise that once upon a time you used to love your artificial lawn – when it was still new and was oozing with a pleasurable view. But, it should be noted that nothing lasts forever and the same even applies to the artificial grass as well.

Generally, artificial grass lasts around ten to fifteen years at most. Over time, you’ll notice that your artificial grass will start to fade away and the following issues will start to pop-up:

  • The grass starts to separate and fray altogether.
  • Smelly bacteria or mould have started to build up, especially in low-traffic spots.
  • Grass inside high-traffic areas look very tired and don’t seem to rebound even after brushing them.

In case you’re planning to renovate your home, it would be the perfect time to re-do your artificial lawn as well. With the help of fresh artificial grass, you’ll be able to improve the curb appeal of your home and still be able to spend less amount of money on its overall maintenance as well. 

What Should You Do With Your Worn-out Artificial Grass?

As a responsible citizen, you shouldn’t try to clog your landfill with unnecessary wastes, such as your worn-out artificial grass. Thankfully, you’d be delighted to know that your artificial grass obtained from Unreal Lawns is almost 100 percent recyclable.

In the earlier days, such a feature was unavailable. But, nowadays, recyclers can easily separate the poly-plastics that are used to manufacture the grass from the infill materials – thereby making the process 100 percent sustainable as well. Once your old artificial grass is removed, the materials from the same can be used to manufacture T-shirts or even tote bags too.

There are multiple organizations out there who are on the lookout for ‘second-hand’ artificial grass, which is still in decent condition. Furthermore, you can even use your old artificial grass and repurpose it into something more interesting for your interior decoration. Before, you plan on reusing your grass, ensure that you clean and then sanitize the whole thing.

How to Shop for New Artificial Grass?

Replacing your old artificial grass is like replacing or repairing your roof. You can easily replace your lawn’s artificial grass using the same configuration, i.e. size and shape, as it was before. Since this is artificial grass, your job is made much easier since you don’t have to mow down your grass as you’d have to do with natural grass.

You’d be amazed to see how much artificial grass has changed over the previous years compared to when you bought it for the first time. Nowadays, synthetic grass is much more durable and tougher than ever and still looks realistic and prettier. Furthermore, they also come in different shades of green.