Best obstetrics and gynaecology treatment hospitals in Gurgaon: Women from teenagers to elders need to visit a gynaecologist/ obstetrics. Gynaecology and obstetrics are two different terms in the medical field. So, that means you can see them in different circumstances. A gynaecologist is a specialist in women’s health and deals with the female reproductive organs. An obstetrician is a physician that deals with the health of women and their babies throughout pregnancy and childbirth. Best obstetrics and gynaecology treatment hospitals in Gurgaon has a decent team of taking care of women’s any health problem concerning reproductive organs and the whole staff for taking care of their babies throughout pregnancy and childbirth.

During the life of a woman, we will examine several topics from contraception to menopause. A breakdown of what to expect during your next visit with your OB / GYN.

1) Teens age from 15 years old to 21 years old

Best gynaecology in Gurgaon recommends that young women or teen girls should start visiting OB/GYN around age 15 to 16 years old. Sometimes the parents do not consider it necessary, and sometimes the young woman will be discomfort about it. But these years are crucial for a young woman to be comfortable with OB / GYN that they can trust. Best gynaecology in Gurgaon will discuss contraception and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) with growing women in this 18-20 age group. Despite whether the patient is sexually active or not. It is necessary to share young women with knowledge, thereby protecting them from infection and unplanned pregnancy. We will also discuss the HPV vaccine and home breast examinations.

2) Family planning years from 22 years old to 44 years old

The annual examination that begins at this stage in life includes a breast examination, a stomach examination, and a pelvic examination. We will examine abnormalities, such as lumps or painful areas, and talk to you about your concerns. at this visit, gynaecologist checks your blood pressure and your body mass index. They will also talk about family history, exercise, nutrition, and how to manage weight in control. Why do you need to control your weight? Because obesity is not good, it risks your diabetes, heart problem, etc.

The adulthood of my cases in this age group are involved in pregnancy restriction or becoming pregnant. So, they want to talk about contraception options or fertility options, counseling them, and recommend those tips. For women planning to become pregnant, we will also take the best plan to see if hereditary counseling or screening is symbolized. If there are medical issues to consider, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, then we can try to correct or rectify those issues before pregnancy.

At the age of 30, it is advised that women begin testing for human papilloma virus (HPV). HPV is common among this age group and often has no symptoms. HPV can cause cervical cancer, genital warts, or oral and neck cancer if left untreated. Most women of this age have a menstrual period (a period), and many women develop ovarian cysts that come and go with their time. If we feel a cyst or lump in your abdomen during your pelvic exam, we can do an ultrasound to determine what it is. Ultrasound can be performed abdominally (outside the body) or trans vaginally (inside the vagina with an ultrasound scandal).

3) Menopause from 45 years old

The average age of menopause is 50 to 52. At this age, many women are having irregular or heavy periods. Their hormones may be shifting, other symptoms like night sweets, mood swings, etc.

4) Age 55 and onwards

Women often encounter more issues with hormone changes. Vaginal dryness and decreased sexual desire often become concerns.

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