The global market of Business Expense Trackers has evolved exceptionally since its inception in 1983. From geeky computer programs to customizable mobile apps, Expense Trackers have reached a whole new level of functionality in modern times.

Talygen, a worldwide leader in Business Management Automation, offers an easy-to-use, feature-packed Online Expense Tracker for all kinds & sizes of organizations.

The online expense tracker not only makes expense tracking much more transparent but also simplifies a lot of tedious expense management processes, such as expense logging, creation of reimbursement reports, expense approvals, and future expense entries.

Flexible and Automated Online Expense Tracker

Simplify each and every process involved in your business expense tracking with Talygen


  • Upload Expenses in bulk
  • Set Expense Limits
  • Simplified & Powerful Analytics
  • Mobile App
  • Input Future Expense Entries
  • Defines Overdue for Approvals
  • Real-Time Expense Tracking
  • Expense Reports
  • Per Day Expense Limit
  • Enter The Expense Through Timesheet
  • Attach Files
  • Expense Reimbursement


Talygen offers a completely free demo of its simple-to-use, customizable Expense Tracking App.

About Talygen

Since 2009, Talygen gained a foothold in the market by providing an industry-leading SaaS platform to businesses in order to help them automate and regulate remote work. The all-in-one Talygen, cloud-based solution empowers all-sized organizations and brings them the comfort of managing the entire business efficiently. This fully-featured web-based application is available in 46 languages worldwide to assist clients and users customize and systemize workflows on the go.

Expense tracking has always been an important part of business management processes around the world. Talygen’s Expense Tracking Software is strategically designed to automate and simplify expense tracking for all kinds and types of businesses.

Customization and budget control functionalities of this Expense Tracking Software makes it a go-to choice for virtual workforces as well. Other major features like Bulk Expense Uploading, Setting Expense Limits, Defining Expense Overdue, and Real-Time expense tracking also makes it a future-proof expense tracking option.

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