Has the time come for a new start in Bangkok? To start your expatriation, you will therefore need to find accommodation, an essential point to feel at home. As you look for the magnolia waterfront residences here are the important details that you should know.

Choosing your future neighborhood in Bangkok

Bangkok is a sprawling city with its over 8 million inhabitants. You must therefore focus on a neighborhood that will facilitate daily life:

Near a BTS (overhead line) or MRT (underground metro) station: Otherwise you can also move away from the metro lines a bit and opt for a motorcycle taxi don’t forget to buy a helmet. Many expats also opt to have their own means of transportation, including a scooter if you feel like driving here.

If possible near a shopping center or supermarket, even if shopping online with Tops or Tesco Lotus is quite simple, handy for having ten packs of water delivered.

For families, very often the location of their children’s future school or the bus line that can take them to their school especially the high school or other international school is taken into account.

Should you opt for an agency or search for yourself?

For the choice of accommodation, in Bangkok there are condominiums, these condominiums with lots of services such as the gym, swimming pool, laundry, etc., there are also apartments, and individual houses and yes there are in Bangkok. Contact an independent agent who showed around several apartments in the area.

Is it possible to negotiate the price?

Yes, it is common to try to negotiate the price of your home. The owner or the agent is free to accept. Be aware that agents pay your rent from the landlord. But if the company you are expatriating is already paying for all of your accommodation, you won’t really want to lower the price. If you are missing something in the apartment, you can also try asking the owner to change the sofa or in case to buy plates, cutlery, stove, and it worked.

Swimming pool or not

It is a big question. Do not choose your accommodation based on the size of the pool, but rather on the comfort of it unless you have children who will be delighted to dive in the pool every weekend.

Washing machine or laundry

In the condos, there is almost always a laundry service. For around 40 per kilo, you will be able to have your clothes washed and ironed in a matter of hours.