Best Unisex Salons in Gurgaon : Beards have always been an undisputed symbol of masculinity. Egyptians considered beards as the sign of wealth, while in India, mustaches and beards were the sign of royalty. Beards have come back and how! In our times, beards are an ultimate style statement and keeping our bearded brotherhood in mind, Best Unisex Salons in Gurgaon brings you some trendy beards for 2020!

1. The Beardstache: An awesome twosome of a stubble and a full beard, the Beardstache is a style in which the mustache is kept longer and fuller than the remaining beard hair. Use your trimmer carefully around the mustache as you don’t wanna shorten the hair around the mustache. Apply Best Unisex Salons in Gurgaon Mustache and Beard Wax to give shape to your uber cool Beardstache.

2. The full-beard or the Classic Beard: Want to sport a neat, understated and office-friendly style? The Full beard is your answer! Let your beard grow fuller and trim it regularly. Apply Best Unisex Salons in Gurgaon Hair Growth Oil to get regularly to rid of the patchiness. The this beard will define your jawline & hide that double chin if you shape it neatly.

3. Tha Van-Dyke beard: Let make others drop their jaws over your gorgeous beard statement with the stunning Van-Dyke often sported by the likes of Johnny Depp & Pierce Brosnan. Its very simple to get, any growth of both a moustache and goatee with all hair on the cheeks shaved and you get the chic Van-Dyke!

4. Garibaldi beard: Not everyone can sport this fuzzy style and likewise, not every style can make you standout with brooding looks. Garibaldi beard is simply a full beard that is rounded at the bottom, trim your beard carefully to get rid of unruly hair, follow a beard care regime with Best Unisex Salons in Gurgaon Godfather Beard Wash, Best Unisex Salons in Gurgaon Godfather Beard Oil to get a bushier, shinier and softer beard like a Boss!

5. The Viking: This beard style originates from Nordic region. A full-long beard, even braided or tied up in various styles along with a man-bun. The mantra for getting this style is”Let it Grow”, growing a Viking beard will take time but will reap a distinct appeal for you. What’s more! It will give you a brooding, ferocious look every man wants. Using Best Unisex Salons in Gurgaon Beard Serum and keeping the beard clean by washing it regularly will help you maintain your Viking beard in great shape and form without much hassle!

6. Stubble: Among all kinds of beards styles known to mankind, stubble is the easiest to grow and maintain, it suits all the face shapes. It grows fast, looks sexy, and makes a statement. No other beard is as cool and casual as designer stubble – aka the three-day beard. All you need is to keep it prim & proper and give sharp cuts around the side-burns & jaw line. A stubble will add a subtle but significant charm to your face.