Bed Linen Perth Western Australia – Bedtonic is West Australian designed European Flax certified linen Bedding + Loungewear. We use natures harvest to bring you and your family luxurious night’s in bed. Our linen is European Flax® certified linen.

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A Nature Filled Childhood

I grew up surrounded by snow-capped mountains, crystal clear rivers and big beautiful lakes in a small town called Lake Wanaka. Everything was pure nature and I spent every living moment possible outdoors.

Cows and Coffee
I moved to farm life at 38 after much travel and many life experiences it was time to try and settle down! I dated Donald briefly though I had known him for years and was actually trying to set him up with a friend of mine! We married after three years (riding camels up Cable Beach in Broome with our guests for the ceremony)!

Little did I know at 42 years old I was pregnant at our wedding so along came Mollie 9 months later. A lovely surprise as neither of us had a clue whether we could even have children and thought if it was meant to be it would and if not we could travel more. But it was meant to be and Donald had his baby girl in his arms for his 50th birthday celebrations back on the farm. We spent another year there with trips up to the cattle stations in the west to muster cattle and for me to cook though I loved going out on muster too.

We made a decision around this time to leave farming and we had a block of land in Broome, so we designed a house and owner built it while we decided what to do next with ourselves. Out walking early with Mollie each morning I was busting for coffee but the cafe’s weren’t open until 8am. I was thinking surely these tradies in town would go a coffee at 5 or 6am so I quickly hatched a plan to start a Drive Thru Cafe in town – Mollie was only 18 months old so I thought even if I open from 6-11am then I can still be a mum to her.

So I sourced a new coffee trailer from Queensland (drive thru’s weren’t really heard of back then) and trucked it over. My husband said I would ‘blow my dough’ but that didn’t stop me. I got my permit and my trailer painted etc and off I went to the Broome Cemetery a perfect drive through spot on a main road. I made 12 coffees and three toasties on my first day.

Our house got finished and my husband swapped cows for coffee and we worked like mad together in the business for four years. We had incredible community support and went on to win a small business achiever award for the Kimberley region. I learnt a lot about grit and determination during this time. We sold up in 2013 and moved to Perth to be nearer our families.

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