From being a place where we only went to rest our tired bodies to being a room where we spend a lot of our time, the role of bedrooms have evolved over time. As the manger of one of the best furniture stores in Bangalore, Looking Good Furniture, says, “Waking up, working, eating, watching – bedrooms are like more intimate living rooms.

And today’s generation can get plenty done while being in bed.” This trend reflects even in the way people buy bedroom furniture online, with the assortment of furnishing expanding and growing in one’s bedroom. We feel that since a bedroom is your personal space, you will eventually find a way to make it your own.
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We felt to do you a more basic service – setting up your functionally perfect bedroom. The personalisation is then your journey of self-discovery. Whether you are visiting a furniture showroom in Bangalore or looking to buy furniture online, we present you a few things to take stock of while shaping your perfect bedroom.

1. It’s all in your bed!

The bed is the shining star of your bedroom. It sets the tone for the rest of the room and ties your space together. Choosing the right type of bed is essential to how you feel about your bedroom. Opt for classic styles that match your vibe, as these are comfort and ever-stylish. Another aspect to consider is minimising items in your bedroom and looking to buy beds with storage online.

2. Bedsides are important too.

Bedside tables complete the look & appeal of your bed. They perfectly complement your room as they are functional as well as aesthetic. Try for designs that match your bedroom decor if you are unable to find it as a set along with your bed.
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3. Store for gold

The right amount of storage space is essential in keeping your bedroom clutter-free, so that it continues to be the sanctuary you intend it to be. Choose a wardrobe with adequate doors and space. You can also opt for an elegant shelf to keep your books and other important items. Keep the colour, shape, and size of these products, as you do not want them to cramp up your space nor your style.

4. Tables

dressing table and a bed side table are slowly moving from wants to needs in a bedroom. You may not need both, but having a mirror and a table to work as well as keep things is quite helpful.

5. Sleep, but sit too!

Seating is a vital part of your bedroom. Why miss out on the option of spending productive time in your cozy haven? For bedrooms are not just for sleeping anymore. Since you are not using it as a hall, you can prioritise comfort when it comes to seating too. Buy recliners online if you want to have a reading nook in your bedroom itself or opt for chairs or even bean bags to mix things up.
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If you’re looking for a good place to buy furniture, don’t stress about going out when you can do it online. Bangalore has many home furniture stores the likes of international leaders such as Looking Good Furniture, who give you the best of the physical as well as the online world through their holistic website for online furniture shopping.

The article was originally published at LGF Blogs.