CCTV Cameras become need of every person now a day for security and safety perspective. Personal home to Government Houses, domestic to commercial and private places to public places all covered with CCTV Cameras even CCTV Camera become more reliable  than human eye.

Now we discuss which factors should be considered before installing CCTV Cameras.

Main purpose for installing CCTV Cameras

The main purpose for installation of CCTV Cameras is to get rid from theft, thread, harassment, fraud, crime and suspicious people. Everybody wants to get clear face shot of everyone who enter and exit your building and premises and will be able to read number plate of vehicle enter or exit from your parking lot.  Moreover you can’t keep check on your employees all the time so you need an unblinking eye which keep you update each and everything. For example if you want to monitor your staff and worker, you may need more widespread coverage CCTV Camera Price in Lahore with high resolution of zooming. As we know most of the incident occurs at night or in darkness, powerful infrared or super low lux CCTV Cameras may be necessary. To cover you compete site area like production hall of factory, construction site, petrol pump and wide parking PTZ (Pin Tilt Zoom) Cameras installed.

Evaluate Cameras Requirement

To find out that exactly how many CCTV Cameras you required, generate a layout map through which you can identified on which place you should place cameras, which areas are sensitive and need clear coverage, how many indoor and outdoor cameras required. Most of the people installed CCTV Cameras but because of wrong selection and placement, the purpose of CCTV Camera goes to die. To resolve this problem the companies working on CCTV Cameras in Pakistan provide you consultancy and site survey so after that they design a proper layout plan according to premises requirement which will be the best recommendation for you. This give you clear picture how many CCTV Cameras will places, measurement of cable and other accessories.

Already system installed of CCTV Camera and want to increase

Most of the people already have CCTV Cameras installed and want to replace them with new CCTV Cameras to upgrade their security system with smart features. For this purpose, different brands like CP-PLUS, DAHUA, HIKVISION present 4 in 1 CCTV Camera through which you can place this cameras anywhere with any DVR as they have option to change their mode according to DVR and set them. This would allow you to reuse the cabling from your existing system, saving the installation team tons of time which translates to a much lower installation price.

Storage Requirement

CCTV Camera footage storage is key purpose to install cameras and depend upon the capacity of Hard Disk which start from 250GB to 8TB and onward. Many businesses just need to be able to come in on Monday and review footage from the weekend if they have an incident. Some businesses may not discover the need to review footage for weeks, months, or even years in some cases! Long term storage can be the biggest portion of the cost of some systems, so it is important to understand your need for storage.

Budget for CCTV Cameras

If you want to install 8 CCTV Cameras, keep an estimated budget in your mind but make it flexible because when you contact with company who install CCTV Cameras they give you actual figure of budget after survey your site because there are so many accessories and parts used in CCTV Cameras installation. That’s why it’s better to go with a Company who provide CCTV Cameras with installation and after sale services While the cost can be as little high per camera but you’ll receive professional installation and have the option to talk to a real technician about any problems that may arise with your system in warranty time period company provide.