Quite often we all pass through the automatic Boom gates when we cross toll booth, checkpoints, parking lots, etc.  These gates are helpful in controlling access to vehicles and pedestrians. They also help in controlling the flow of traffic.  These Boom gates are also called as boom barriers. They look like a pole or a bar instead of actual full-figured gates.  They have an arm on any one side that can be lowered to block the access of vehicles.  Then the officers check the pass of the vehicles, collect a toll or enter the code to let the vehicles pass. Earlier these gates were operated by hands and ropes but now we have electronic motors that allow the security to lower the alarm.  These gates are one of the simplest and yet the most effective methods of creating barriers.

Here Are Some Benefits And Advantages of Boom gates

Boom Gates

Usage Of Boom Gates

  • There are a plethora of uses of these gates such as Car Parkings. They are used in the car parking of road malls buildings where drivers are required to show the pass or pay the car park rent to enter or leave the car.  During the exit, he may present the receipt to exit.
  • Restricted areas: These gates are placed at the checkpoints and other restricted areas where the person or the driver has to provide the security with the identification and then they get the access.
  • Traffic control:  These gates are used to control the traffic on the roads and they can allow the traffic to flow in a particular direction or authorize the movement of emergency vehicles to pass through, They also restrict other vehicles from using the routes.

Advantages Of Boom Gates

  • Better security system:  Security is one of the major concerns for both residential and security purposes.   Installing a boom gate allows you to have full control over the access of vehicles.
  • The flow of traffic: If you have a huge campus then these gates are best as they will help you control the flow of vehicles and limit them to only parking lot. It will also allow you to prevent the entry of vehicle once your parking is full.
  • Space efficient solution:  These gates need very little space and therefore are one of the most economic barriers when it comes to space. They can fit in a small amount of vertical space.
  • Make money: If you have a car park then installing Boom gates will increase your revenue as they will not let the vehicle leave or go inside without making payment.
  • Instant privacy: You can save your property from people who try to sneak in your place. This will protect your privacy whether it is a private one or commercial property.
  • Long-lasting: These gates are long-lasting, low maintenance, and have a huge resistance to all kinds of weather and wear or tear.
  • Easy to install: The Boom gates have very few parts, they are lightweight and therefore they can be easily taken from one place to another and they can be installed very quickly.
  • 8. No worrying about power failure: While most of the gates or electronic gates will stop working upon power failure these gates can be manually operated. Hence your security will not be compromised at any point.

These were some of the benefits and usage of Boom gates, in case you still don’t have these gates installed in your car-park then you must reconsider them and install to enhance security.