Small business grows impressively in the last couple of years. It transforms from additional income into promising future. Young people love to explore their ideas into business rather than working in office hour. They proud to be an entrepreneur and believe they were in right track to gain wealth.

In other hand, trust and interest in this business product and services are also increase. Food, fashion and craft are the most favourite item so far. There are several reasons why people love to buy from small business such as quality, experiences, and sense to support other people.

This positive trend is also supported by the increasing use of social media as marketing tools. Business promotion is now less expensive and much more affordable for small entrepreneurs. Recently, <a href=””>Instagram and TikTok</a> are the favorites platform to sell in the internet and build their brand awareness.

However, the intense competition in the digital marketing world requires the owners to keep up to date with the trend and algorithm. More traffic are more sales.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to increase your social media traffic especially for a small business.
That is why continuous analysis is needed to stay relevant on social media. <a href=””></a> will support you for business development with the real-time analysis based on the data. There is so much data available yet this tool makes it easier to understand and applied to build sustainable long-term business.
Here are the reasons you need to use <a href=””></a> for your business idea:

<strong>1. Small Business, Small People</strong>
Unlike companies with many employees, small business have only a few people. There’s a lot of work for just one person to do and social media analysis is certainly overwhelming. This platform helps you in terms of <a href=””>digital analysis</a> and you can focus on developing other aspects of your business.
There are amount of data on the internet that you can apply to develop your social media account. This data can help optimize digital marketing for the business you are running. You can choose the best method and strategy to help your customers. Things that have been difficult for small businesses with their limitations to do.

<strong>2. Save Your Cost</strong>
Keeping the costs is always the goal of all businesses, big or small. You can reduce costs for digital marketing by utilizing a Basic Analytic from <a href=””></a>. Without any fees, you can get a performance report on your account and know what to improve. Sure, the features are limited but obviously very, very sufficient for your needs.

For more complete features and a deeper report, you have to pay a fee for premium account. But you can do this after your business grows bigger. Ths good news is this basic report is forever free yet you can always change your mind anytime.

<strong>3. Focus on the Right Apps</strong>
Digital marketing has many platforms that can be used, from Instagram, TikTok, WordPress, Facebook, etc. Using all of them will make you exhausted and ruin your focus. As a small business owner, you must be able to set your priorities and just focus on the right apps for your business promotion.

Instagram and Tiktok will be the best answers if you are targeting the millennial generation and gen Z as target market. is a platform that specifically provides analysis and reports on both these apps and the latest trends that you can take advantage of.

The output can be used to choose the right hashtag, specific keyword, posting schedule, ad type of post you needed. It also provides more actionable insights such as Campaign Reporting, Demographics &amp; Authenticity Follower checks, Competitive Analysis, Tagged Relationships, Influencer Mapping, Content Analysis, and many more.

<strong>4. Improve Competitiveness</strong>
Competition between small businesses is getting tougher today. Make sure you stay ahead of your competition with these social media analytics tools. Know the strategies of competitors by analyzing their TikTok and Instagram accounts, then adapting and exceeding their performance.

Find out the detail of your target market to provide what their needs. Create engaging content not only for branding awareness but also for increase the sale. The combination of real time data will help you make the right decision such as choose influencer that is suitable for your promotion.