Travelling refers to an amazing experience to visit different exotic places and observing or feeling the beauty of nature. You can travel either abroad or within your country. But earlier, before traveling you need to plan your vacation by consulting with travel agents but this mediator has been eliminated with the help of advancement in artificial intelligence. Due to which the virtual travel agents come into emergence also known as chatbots. This has changed the whole system and provides various benefits. Chatbot in travel industry is a boon for the industry.

Benefits of chatbots in the travel industry are:-

  • Virtual travel agent: Chatbots are designed in such a way so as they act as a virtual travel agent. They can help people solve your query and can understand genuine language. They can also provide you with some personalized suggestions or recommendations. This will help save the time of employees as in the meantime they can do a lot of other work.
  • Simplified online payments: They have made the payment methods simplified by accepting the online payments directly from messaging applications. This means now you don’t have to go through the lengthy booking procedures and payments.
  • Offer suggestions and recommendations: It may be quite challenging to search for local restaurants or hotels nearby. This is because we are always in fear of uncertainty that whether the pictures posted on social media or Google searches are original or not. Whether you will get the services or arrangements as mentioned or not. Hence, this difficulty has been eliminated by chatbots. As they help you to find suitable hotels or restaurants nearby you and they can be trusted.
  • Improves customer service: It is a very lethargic and boring task to contact travel agents as most of the time, their contact numbers are busy. This problem was sorted with the help of chatbots as chatbots can automatically answer a lot of queries at one time and promptly. Moreover, they also save the cost of the employer in terms of training and payroll.
  • Aiding on-the-go travelers: It also keeps on updating the person already on tour regarding their flight timings, boarding gates, etc. Moreover, it acts as a traveling partner and guides and recommends you regarding your choices and preferences of hotels or events nearby.
  • Disruption manager: They act as an effective disruption manager as they can handle all the complaints and grudges at their level and can satisfy the customer. In this way, it saves the reputation of the company.

Hence, these are the benefits of the chatbot for travel agency. They provide their services 24*7 and effective chatbots also provide you with reviews and offer directions to make your journey more comfortable. Apart from these, you don’t need to download another app to interact with the chatbot. You can chat with them on the website of the company or the social media platforms. They help travelers to make their right decisions and plan their tours according to their budgets and holidays. This helps the companies to improve their efficiency and increase their sales.