In Pakistan, these Lotus seeds are generally referred to as Makhana. Normally people consume it throughout their twenties or even use it as an ingredient in Indian restaurants or sweet dishes. But, not many people are aware of its health benefits and nutritional value. It is a recommended nutritional supplement and is easily available on the marketplace. You may find it in almost any supermarket and has an excellent shelf life and therefore can be kept for quite a while within an air-tight container. Just ensure that you keep it away from direct sunlight and moisture.

These seeds can be consumed cooked or raw based on the taste. Apart from being a healthy snack, it can also be utilized as medication as it was used at the medieval times. The vital micronutrients found in lotus seeds are of immense significance to the human body.


Fruit Fountain is known by several titles. Lotus Seeds, Fox Nut, Euryale Ferox, Gorgon nut. These seeds are essentially in the plant that drops in the Nelumbo genus. These seeds are of excellent significance in Asian cuisine and medicine. These seeds are commonly shelled, dried, and then sold in the market. These lotus seeds are observed commercially and in brownish white or peel categories. The brownish peel lotus seed is reaped once the head of the kernel of the lotus is almost or fully ripe, however, the white kind of lotus seed is reaped while the kernel mind is fully green but has fully developed seeds. The brownish peel Lotus seeds are brownish in color as the fully developed seeds have stuck into the skin which makes it glowing brown. These are very difficult and may only be separated by splitting the seeds in half.


The first and foremost advantage of consuming lotus seeds is the fact that it functions as an anti-aging agent. The enzymes that exist in such Lotus seeds are anticipated to block the aging process. The enzymes which assist in repairing and preserving the impaired proteins are found in the lotus seed in high volume

Lotus seeds are called a wonderful source of protein which is extremely helpful to the body. Doctors also advocate the Consumption of lotus seeds to combat protein deficiency in the bod

Low glycemic index

Lotus seed’s exceptional property is the fact that it’s low on GI, so it will slowly and gradually release the energy amounts to your body so that you stay energetic throughout the day. It’ll keep away stress and keep your mind hale and healthy

Heart ailments

Lotus seed includes an abundant quantity of calcium that’s the maximum channel blocker and considerably boosts the blood and oxygen. They also help in the stream of other important nutrients. Low magnesium levels can place your body to the risk of heart attacks. Its consumption leads to a remarkable change at the heart condition as the content of folate and calcium reduce the risk of diseases linked with coronary heart diseases


Food items that have low glycemic index leave you feeling full and satisfied, eventually leading to Weight Reduction

Option medicine

As per traditional Chinese medicine, Makhana is extremely beneficial to strengthen the kidneys and spleen. Furthermore, it helps with diseases like erectile dysfunction and arthritis. It’s packed with antioxidant properties which aid in digestion and rejuvenates the lymph system and prevents excessive and frequent urination


These Lotus seeds have the ability to regulate and manage the unnerving State of insomnia since it has a natural sedative consequence


The metabolic disorder accompanied by high blood glucose levels is diabetes that’s the result of the inappropriate working of the pancreas, which releases the insulin hormone. Lotus seed contains vital antioxidants and proteins which is great for the wellbeing of a parasitic


It’s very helpful in eliminating diarrhea. Lotus seeds are known to prevent prolonged diarrhea because it Includes a high volume of caustic quality that if consumed, can even improve the desire

Enhance Sexual Performance

Consuming lotus seed can enhance the sex life of men due to the increase of sperm quantity whereas, in women, it greatly helps in increasing fertility. A person suffering from hypertension, stress, and blood pressure can be extremely beneficial.;tted by swallowing Phal makhana as the high potassium helps in decreasing the exact same