Paper cups are very popular these days because they are easy to use and effective products for businesses. There are two main groups of paper cups. This type is intended for hot drinks such as tea and coffee, and the other for cold beverages such as soda, juice, and milk. Paper cups for hot drinks are insulated. This makes paper cups very easy and friendly because you will never burn your hands if you are having a hot drink.

When choosing hot paper cups for your business, it is important to think about insulation, environment, and consumer safety. For most business owners, the most important thing in business is sustainability and profitability. Minimal cost and customer satisfaction are what most businesses are looking for cups. 

However, considering the cost and durability, what do you prefer? Insulated or non-insulated paper cups? Keep on reading to know the advantages of these two.

Double Wall Paper Cup or Insulated Cup

Many companies offer full color wrapped printing in double-wall insulated paper coffee cups in sizes 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz. No design is so complex as to be as simple as a color logo or as complex as the original image. Paper cups manufacturers can create the perfect cup brand to represent your business. With an extra layer of paper board wrapper in each cup, the hot pour of fresh coffee is easy to handle.

Having an air pocket between the two layers of the cup or material is designed to ensure that the drink’s temperature on the material does not reach the outer layer. A paper is not the best insulator in its natural form, allowing it to pass heat precisely. To make sure this did not happen, the manufacturers found a way to make a double-wall hot paper cup with a polyethylene-lined interior, to prevent the cup from leaking. 

Advantages of insulated hot paper cups are:

  • Insulated cups do not allow heat, so the customers do not burn their hands. 
  • With these cups, there is no need to use sleeves and double cups, as insulation saves costs. 
  • Hot paper cups filled with insulation keep hot liquids warm and cold drinks cold because heat does not enter the double layers. 
  • Cups are particularly strong and durable, so you can drink hot drinks on the go.
  • An insulated cup is safer because it protects against accidents such as your sleeve falling off, your cup slipping with your hand, or a hot coffee cup falling into your lap. 
  • The cup feels comfortable, strong, and non-slip, so you can use it while driving your car.
  • You can safely print and brand the outside of the cup because the air pocket prevents the ink from reaching the contents.

Single Wall Paper Cup or Non-Insulated Cup

Most businesses like coffee shops and restaurants, choose non-insulated coffee cups because they are cheaper to buy. Unfortunately, lack of insulation means that when you pour hot coffee or tea, the cup will get hot, and the customers might burn its hand. 

To solve this problem, the owners of these businesses use coffee cup sleeves or provide some insulation cups so that customers do not burn their hands. In real terms, buying a sleeve or using two cups per drink is the same as buying an insulated cup. The advantage of non-insulated paper cup is that it is a low cost, there are a few other things to consider. These include:

  • The single layer of paper cup is extremely lightweight, yet strong enough to carry on the go. 
  • Non-insulated cups are very soft and slippery, so they can slide through your hand and burn you with hot drink, even if you are using a sleeve to protect your hand. 
  • When printing or marking the cups, it is recommended that the paper cups have a heat resistant so that the paint or any ink will not seep through. 
  • The use of a sleeve or double cup may not fit the cup in a car coffee holder, forcing you to keep the cup during use.


Insulated or non-insulated? This information will help you decide on what kind of hot paper cup to buy for your drinks. It is also important to consider your targeted clients and their preferences. 

It is more practical to use a non-insulated cup for your business or event, and this kind of cup is what most industries use. It is cost-effective and requires a sleeve, which is good for customers to avoid the possibility of calling the cup too hot. They can be printed very easily, and most of them are heat resistant to print on the outer side.

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