Besan Ladoo Recipe

People face issues while making Besan ladoo. We will make these Ladoos while resolving these issues if you’ll follow these tips then, you can make perfect Ladoos.

Making Tagar for Besan Ladoo Recipe

Take 1 cup of sugar and pour it into a pan, you can increase or decrease its quantity according to your taste. Add 1/3 cup of water. Cook until sugar dissolves in water.

What is the reason that Ladoos are not granular?

For this, we need the thicker Chickpea flour and Tagar. There are two types of Tagar available in the market first is Boora and the second one is Crispy. Crispy Tagar is consist of the thicker sized particles whereas Boora is consist of the fine particles. If you want to make granular Ladoo then, you will take an equal quantity of both Tagar and Boora, if you are using homemade Tagar then, there is no requirement of differentiating it into the types. Sugar has dissolved in water, keep stirring it in intervals. Cook sugar syrup until it reaches to its thicker consistency. If you are using uncleaned sugar then, add some milk and remove the first foam on the syrup when it appears. It will clean the sugar though add 1 tbsp. of Ghee in it, it will help to avoid clots in Tagar. Switch off the flame keep it aside to cool down and stir it continuously in the cooling process. This kind of Tagar enhances the taste of Ladoo the ratio of Ghee, Chickpea flour and Tagar is equal for Ladoos. We took 250 Gms of Chickpea flour, Tagar and Ghee though we used less quantity of Ghee, sometimes we use it in equal quantity. It depends on the quality of Chickpea flour. Add 75% of Ghee in the wok and save the rest of it. Melt it we took 1 cup of Ghee, 2 cups of chickpeas. We are using the thicker sized Chickpea flour. Add Chickpea flour in the melted Ghee

Why lumps appear in the Chickpea flour?

Roasting while continuously stirring will disappear lumps in it. Even if lumps appear then, all you have to do is that press and stir them chickpea flour while roasting to break them.

What’s the reason for that Ladoo sticks in the throat?

It happens when chickpea flour is raw.

Some people say that no matter what how much they roast it, they still get its raw taste

Roast Chickpea flour on the low flame to avoid such an issue. If you would roast it on a high flame then, it would be partially roasted. This is the reason for its raw taste.

Add some more ghee if the roasted chickpea flour appears dry you should save the Ghee so that you can add it again if required. The color of the chickpea flour changes, and it gives out a soothing aroma because the chickpea flour has roasted. We used the thicker sized chickpea flour so, there is no requirement to add water in it because it is already granular. Add some water to increase its granularity if you are using regular chickpea flour. Sprinkle some water when the Chickpea flour has roasted. Water helps to increase the granularity of chickpea flour. Roast it for a while to evaporate the water. Switch off the flame but, don’t stop stirring because the wok is still hot. The chickpea flour in the bottom will burn if you will stop stirring it. The burned chickpea flour will provide dark color to the Ladoos. Pour it in a very separate vessel to chill down once stirring it for 1-2 minutes. Our chickpea flour appears thick.

Why the consistency of the mixture is thinner?

If you’ll add Tagar within the heated mixture then, it starts melting that loosen ups the mixture and creates drawback whereas binding the Ladoos. Slightly cool down the chickpea flour. Do not decrease its temperature too much cool it until you can touch it.

In the meantime, roast Muskmelon seeds. You can add dry fruits according to your taste such as Muskmelon seeds, Cashews, finely chopped Almonds. Add them after roasting because it will help to increase its shelf life. Sometimes dry fruits are consist of moisture, roasting them helps to avoid it. Roasting also enhances their taste too. Roast the Muskmelon seeds while continuously stirring them. They have expanded, color has also changed which means they have roasted. Pour them quickly in a separate bowl to avoid roasting them. Keep on stirring chickpea flour in the intervals so that it becomes even. Touch the mixture to check its temperature. Now, we will add Tagar, Roasted Muskmelon seeds, 1 tsp powder of coarsely grounded green cardamoms, 1 grated Nutmeg into it. It is an optional ingredient. We grated this Nutmeg in it, mix all the ingredients properly.

Some people complain that their mixture splits and Ladoo doesn’t bind. The mixture is ready for Ladoo. Let us bind them you can make them of your desired size. Roll them to make a round ball while binding them. Our Ladoo is ready. Bind and prepare all Ladoos in the same way.

If Ladoos are hard then?

If we mix Tagar in the warm mixture then it melts. If we cool them and then, bound them they usually become hard. If you place Ladoo in the refrigerator then, also they become hard. We have to keep these Ladoos in an airtight container at room temperature.

Some people complain that Ladoos are not similar to the Ladoos available in the market.

If you understand the recipe and make the Ladoo according to it then, they are not like them. They are much better if compared to the Ladoos which are available in the market. Because we used the ingredients which are of superior quality if compared to the market ones.

The Ladoos are ready now, these are granular Ladoos always use thicker sized Chickpea flour and Tagar for it. Do not add Tagar in the warm mixture. Roast chickpea flour on the low flame there is no point that it will stick to your throat, roast while continuously stirring it there are no lumps in the mixture do not store prepared Ladoo in the refrigerator unless they would become hard. Store them at the ordinary room temperature. When we mix Tagar in the mixture, it loosens up. Roast it on low flame it leaves amazing color and aroma.

You can enhance its color by adding some food color or turmeric powder. We made 250 grams of Ladoo so you can add 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder in them.

The mixture splits, Ladoos don’t bind

It happens when we mix Tagar in the moderately heated mixture and keep it aside after mixing then, bind them. Add and mix some melted Ghee to avoid such issues then, make the Ladoo If you will follow these tips then, you make perfect Ladoos.


Store them in associate degree airtight instrumentation once they quiet down. They have a longer shelf life you can store and eat them for 10-11 months you try them and eat them.