There is no better way to feel like your camping trip has been ruined than to have to fight the rain when you’re stuck outdoors. Rain happens and it doesn’t have to ruin your trip! There are certainly activities that you can take part in to enjoy your rainy camping trip.

Before you look up activities, we hope that you prepared for potential weather. You can grab your rain jacket or your waterproof outdoor blanket and head on out to play in the rain!

Check out these activities that might just help improve your trip if rain happens.

1.  Go Fishing

Rain is actually ideal weather to go fishing in! It seems like when it’s raining, you are more likely to catch biting fish. Experienced fishermen might even tell you that this is the absolute best time to head out for some relaxing fishing.

Don’t let the rain ruin your fishing fin. Grab your rain gear and your fishing gear and head on over to the water. You can pass the time, sit back and relax, and maybe you will even be able to catch your dinner in the process!

2.  Try Swimming in the Rain

Swimming in the rain is a really fun experience. After all, you’re going to get wet either way, right? You do need to be mindful of safety and make sure there is no lightning in the area before you jump into the water but if you’re having a rainy camping trip with no lightning, go ahead and jump right into the water!

Swimming in the rain is very relaxing and unique. There is just something about being in the water and seeing and hearing the raindrops hit the water while you’re there. Another great thing is, the swimming water will typically stay warm as well so you don’t have to worry about getting chilled in the rain.

3.  Games

If you’re with friends or family, this is the perfect time to cozy up and settle in for some good old-fashioned board game and card game fun. We hope you packed the Monopoly board to keep you entertained!

There are so many options here. If you forgot to pack any games for your camping trip, use this to make your own games. Try something like campground karaoke (acapella style), charades, and other similar games that don’t require a board but just your imagination. You can’t even embarrass yourself, you’re probably close to being in the middle of nowhere, right?

Packing a deck or two of cards in your camping gear is simple. They are inexpensive and they don’t take a lot of space so you should plan to always have some on hand. If you haven’t packed these yet, you should! There are a lot of card games you can play to pass the time, whether you have a big group or just a couple of people. Here are some card game ideas.

  • Solitaire
  • War
  • Rummy
  • Slap Jack
  • Hearts
  • Go Fish
  • Cribbage
  • Gin
  • Pit
  • Poker

These are just a few ideas but there are many other card games out there as well.

4.  Take a Drive

A rainy day might just be the perfect time to enjoy the area surrounding you. Load up in the car and enjoy driving around the back roads. Take in nature, listen to the sounds, look at the beautiful nature around you.

Always keep safety in mind. Stay away from roads that could be dangerous in the rain and be sure that the driving conditions are also safe. If you feel it wouldn’t be safe to take a drive, spend some time just soaking up the sounds of nature around you and maybe even trying to identify the sounds as well.

5.  Reading

We hope you brought some good books with you on your trip. This is the perfect time to sit back and relax. Rest those feet that are sore from yesterday’s hike, snuggle up, and just enjoy some light reading.

Reading with the rain is SO relaxing. You might even find yourself taking a bit of a nap. Grab that book, grab a blanket, and just curl up and rest and lost yourself in a story.

If you’re not a reader, you can always try another quiet and relaxing activity. Maybe you like to draw or color (great for kiddos) or maybe you would prefer to do crosswords and Sudoku. Grab your favorite magazine and use this time to flip through it.

While we love a good book, we understand that not everyone does. There are other quiet activities you can pursue that are simple and relaxing in the same way.

6.  Become a Tourist

If the rain is literally raining on your camping parade, now is the perfect time to take in some tourist activities. There is nothing that says you can’t leave the campground. Now is the perfect time to load up and go find some tourist-type indoor activities.

Check out local museums, take in a movie, or maybe even enjoy some shopping. Every town has different options and there is bound to be something that isn’t terribly far from your campsite that you can enjoy.

You can look up different ideas and attractions and see what interests you. Enjoy what the local areas have to offer and be open to trying new things. You can even keep it simple and find an arcade or a bowling alley to waste a few hours of rain time and stay entertained.

7.  Tell Stories

Is anyone in your group a good storyteller? Now is the perfect time to group together and make each other laugh. Tell stories, exchange stories, make up ghost stories, the options are endless.

Storytime can be quite entertaining and all it takes is a bit of imagination. Kids and adults alike can enjoy this activity and there is no right or wrong way to do it! You can even make this into a game. Have someone start the story and stop randomly after a few sentences. Then the next person continues the story with their own twist and you can go through the group like this until you come to an ending.

This is so much fun and it can get incredibly goofy and silly. It will entertain everyone in the group for quite some time and you are sure not to get bored in the process.

8.  Scavenger Hunt

Rain on your camping trip doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to hide out in the tent until the rain passes. Grab your rain boots and your rain gear and get outside to play! You can have a fun scavenger hunt and look for unique items.

Not sure what to look for? You can probably find some ideas online for camping trip scavenger hunts or you can get creative. Some suggestions recommend using your last name and finding items that begin with each of those letters. You can use this setup with any word as well.

What’s really fun about this idea is you can do it inside or outside. If you don’t want to traipse out in the rain, then use these scavenger hunt ideas within your cozy, dry location instead.

9.  Obstacle Course

This is another activity that will probably require you to play in the rain. You might even find yourself getting muddy but it could be a blast and everyone will be entertained in the process! You most likely have some natural obstacles surrounding your campsite that you can use. You can also use the camping items you brought with you.

Picnic tables, coolers, trees, and more will make great obstacles. You can do jumping, jumping jacks, sprints, races, and other fun physical activities and set up teams to enjoy some light-hearted competitive fun.

Of course, you will want to be safe and be sure you have your rain gear. It’s also important to have clean and dry clothes you can change into after you’ve enjoyed the obstacle course in the rain.

Rules for Rainy Day Camping Activities

Before you take too many of these fun activities and put them to use, let’s discuss some minor rules for enjoying camping activities when there is rain involved. While you can certainly enjoy plenty of things, there are some safety rules that you should keep in mind as well.

Then, there are some tips for finding or planning activities that could also be useful.

  • See what your campground offers as far as activities and take advantage of those options.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative and just let loose and enjoy the time together.
  • Practice safety first. Don’t try to swim when there’s lightning and be aware of how the weather may affect your surroundings. Have the proper rain gear to stay dry as much as possible and be able to warm up when you do get wet.
  • Make the best of the day and engage with each other.
  • If you go on a drive, know the area and stay away from routes that might be unsafe in the rain.


A rainy day doesn’t have to ruin your camping fun. Make the best of the situation and use these tips and activities to pass the time and really enjoy the camping trip despite the rain!