A right hairstyle by Best Barber in Gurgaon can really make a difference in your look. It can totally transform your look form average to oh so desirable, which is why one should know which hairstyle should they choose. But, we are not any experts! Then why not search for Best Barber in Gurgaon who wouldn’t just follow the trends but will study your face before cutting your hair.

Best Barber in Gurgaon are well trained to review the face sorts of men and therefore the hairstyles which can suit a specific face cut.


If you’ve got a reasonably round face, Best Barber in Gurgaon suggest to generating definition with some angles. This will be achieved by keeping the hair shorter on the edges and longer on the highestThis may make your face look longer.


For people having an oval face, it’s best to stay the hair off the forehead as men with oval face have a forehead little wider than the cheekbones, which really complements most hairstyles.


Keeping the hair fuller is typically recommended for people with a square face. The corners of the forehead also can be covered to avoid the square look of the face.


Diamond shaped faces tend to be long with defined cheekbones, which is why you’d want to make a touch width. This will be done by growing sideburns or keeping the hair longer on the edges and shorter on the highest.

So, these were some expert tips by Best Barber in Gurgaon, if you’re still unsure what’s best for your face type you ought to visit Glitz Studio and obtain your self a magic makeover with the assistance of our hair experts.

Why men need salon services quite women?

You may not know it but as a person, your skin needs more care than a lady, and guess what there’s a scientific reason restored behind it also. Men have higher testosterone levels which makes their skin produce more oil than women. This excessive oil can clog the pores leading to problems like acne, blackheads, and breakouts. Not only this but thanks to their apprehension of cosmetic products, men’s skin is more exposed to the sun and susceptible to many other severe skin problems.

So these are some factors which is why men need salon services quite women. Best Barber in Gurgaon provide its male customers with a good range of services with which they will be benefitted.


Dirty feet are a tract for all kinds of bacteria. Men wear shoes and socks for extended hours which promotes sweating and proliferation of bacteria thus leading to bad odor. Pedicure, therefore, is that the best thanks to keep your feet healthy and odor free.


The continuous dragging of the razor across the face can cause irritation in men. The simplest thanks to soothe your skin is to urge a facial done. A facial service won’t only smoothen your skin but also will make shaving a far better and fewer painful experience.

Hair spa:

Dandruff, dry scalp and hair fall problems are quite common among men. And while women go crazy with even one strand of hair falling, men take it all casually. But this lack of private care might be really disastrous within the future. Which is why Best Barber in Gurgaon recommend hair spa services for men which not only helps condition their hair but also makes their hair smooth.

Hair removal:

Removing facial and hair isn’t just a girly thing. For men, It’s infact, a neighborhood of private grooming. Men who wish to seem more presentable without a shirt can choose this service. Sure it’ll hurt a touch, but you’ll be ready to flaunt those workout abs and muscles like never before.

These were a number of the services offered by Best Barber in Gurgaon. For more such grooming tips and services you’ll visit our salon Glitz Studio and knowledge professional and expert care.