If science and mathematics fascinate you then you are the right material for engineering. And in case of giant structures, engineering marvels like metros and other constructions attracts you then you are the best fit for Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering deals with the use of scientific knowledge and mathematical skills for design, analysis, and operation of structures, system and machines. With construction becoming the major outburst in the present society in the state, the need for skilled and innovative civil engineers has increased. To make the most of this opportunity you need to make the right choice in terms of selecting Civil Engineering College in Gujarat. The continuous growth in the number of industries leads to an increase in demand of the constant upgrade of designs and structures. This is opening new avenues for civil engineers in all fields. To fulfill the demand many engineering colleges have been started in part by the quality of their output is always under the question. We will try to highlight the points in this blog on how you should select the best college for yourself. But the first question is why study in Gujarat?

Gujarat is a business hub of India. With major ports for exports and imports, it presents golden opportunities to work for Civil Engineers. With new companies getting established, the need for infrastructure in growing in the city and so do the demand of engineers.  By studying within the state you can understand the requirements better.

Best Civil Engineering Colleges In Gujarat

There are many colleges out there claiming them the best. However, careful analysis on the part of students or their guardians needs to be done. When you do the same, you will find that Swarrnim Institute of Technology appears to be at the top of the list of Best Civil engineering Colleges in Gujarat. Before plunging onto the ocean of colleges at your disposal there are few things which one must keep in the mind to do the comparative analysis:

Course design – Most of the colleges follow the traditional pattern and copy-paste the course structure from elsewhere. We, at Swarrnim has redesigned the course with the direct inputs from industry experts.

Faculty – Check the faculty qualification and experience. We, at Swarrnim hire the best from academia and industry. We also organize guest lectures frequently on contemporary topics.

Labs – Civil Engineering is incomplete without labs. We have state of the art labs that houses both basic and modern equipment that helps in building strong fundamentals and make students familiar with modern tools and technologies used in the industry.

Industry links – You may also need to check how well the college or the university is linked with industry. These connections play an important role in internships and placement.

If you analyze Civil Engineering College in Gujarat you will find Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University will score 10 out of 10 on all the above pointers and more. The courses are backed by add on certifications on startup & entrepreneurship. In addition to that, the university has an in-house incubation center to support the startup of students. The Swarrnim Incubation Center has already incubated 15+ Startups and filed 10+ patents. It provides all the support including funding to the students. All this makes us the Best Civil engineering Colleges in Gujarat. Get in touch with us for more details.