Employee Engagement Survey: Employee surveys are an excellent tool for gaining overall insight about organization functioning and feedback that employees have towards a particular organization. The one such survey that correctly, requires a significant time of planning as well as careful execution and follow-up process is an employee engagement survey. The organization takes responsiveness from employee feedback leading to much higher retention rates, improved productivity, better customer service, lower absenteeism, and higher employee morale. One such simple fact about employee engagement results in sending a positive message towards the employees about their opinions on how are they valued.

The organizations should also conduct surveys of employees on a regular period as most of the companies ask employees for the feedback annually. Requesting regular feedback shows employees that the company actually concerned about the work environment. The key objective of conducting an employee engagement survey is to analyse factors that actually drive employees and letting them perform their best and also factors decreasing their efficiency. Thus, it is important to establish appropriate sync between what organization and their top management offer or expect or vice versa. The highly fruitful organizations always keep on conducting the employee engagement surveys from time to time for easing and designing or redesigning already established policies and the implementation and the key changes for increasing the overall efficiency, output, participation, dedication, and overall productivity of employees. Not only this, it further assists them in recalling the best talent within the organization. Moreover, these day’s companies also focus on the problem, they also come up with the effective solutions which significantly increase the number of engaged employees, further resulting by a considerable increase in productivity and organization’s profitability.

There are different employee engagement survey providers in India that assist in establishing a comprehensive two-way communication process overcoming all hurdles.

Engagement and involvement of employees undoubtedly help in taking the business to the next level establishing a strong work culture. The surveys will absolutely work provided companies eases the access for employee feedback, understanding their needs, designing new policies and practices, and commit for implementation. The engagement surveys are considered to be much efficient over time and money but also considering the sentiments of employees that actually look and way of communicating their views and opinions towards the organization and top management. Most organizations may see a necessity for developing such policies about conducting periodic surveys of employees, but the employer’s internal policies and practices should be made be consistent with existing policies, rules, or labour practices. Most of the organizations are using electronic surveys as they are the most efficient and faster and use fewer resources. These techniques further making it sure that employees without may be given access to computers to complete the survey online. The ability to complete the survey via mobile devices such as phones or tablets is also enhancing the survey experience. The companies are shaping the survey to focusing on what is important towards the leadership team as this is helping them to overcome any resistance that might be encountered during the process.

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