It is well known that the daily consumption of apples keeps away from doctors and diseases. The use of fruits during the disease is especially emphasized. Consumption of bananas, peaches, pears lowers high blood pressure because these fruits contain potassium which helps in lowering blood pressure.

Make the most of fresh and juicy fruits to stay healthy and fresh. The following is a list of some of the most popular fruits and the benefits of using them to guide the public:
Date fruit:

The date is extremely nutritious, produces fresh blood, is digestible. Strengthens the stomach, liver and lungs, makes the body fat, and is very useful in diseases such as stroke and stroke. Palms contain all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Palm kernels are also a cure for many ailments. For example, they stop diarrhea. The pus of burnt nuts stops the flow of blood and cleans the wound. Using this pus as a poultice strengthens the teeth.

1. For physical weakness, especially when one has not been able to eat for some time, regular use of dates to restore energy quickly. -2 Use cucumber, cucumber, watermelon, and potato with dates to remove thinness. 3. Eat dates to kill stomach worms. 4. Use palms frequently to relieve colic pain in kidneys, bladder, bladder, intestines.


The fruit tastes good. It is also mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. Useful in skin diseases, eating figs helps the stomach and liver to function properly, relieves edema. Eat two grains for sore throat, boil figs in milk for severe boils, and tie-up. This will quickly get the dirty stuff out. Do not have hair on the baby’s head. Grind fig bark and seafoam and apply a thick paste. Eating figs makes children taller. Older people should eat three or four grains of milk daily. When fresh figs are broken, white milk comes out. Applying this milk on the spots of Leucoderma removes the scars.


Grapes are delicious fruit and have many benefits. Dried grapes are useful in pain. Drink grape juice slowly in case of migraine. Give juice to children. Teeth will come out easily. Grapes and its juice are useful to reduce dizziness if you feel dizzy and your brain is spinning. Burning its wood and drinking it with water removes kidney stones. Eat grapes two or three times a day to relieve nausea, gas, and acidity.


Papaya is an invaluable gift from God. The juice of its leaves is an effective treatment for dengue fever and it immediately increases the number of platelets in the blood. Papaya fruit is an elixir for stomach ailments. If the abscess does not heal, cut the papaya on it and tie it. Soon dirty material will come out of it. Take raw papaya pulp in spleen swelling and squeeze black pepper, salt, lemon and feed. Eating papaya is beneficial in skin, tooth and bone diseases. Boil the leaves and tie it on the nerves and joints. It will relieve constipation. Apply raw papaya milk on the scalp, then it will be cured in a few days. Cut the scorpion and apply its fresh milk, it will bring relief. Feed a pinch of bloating, flatulence, papaya or raw papaya powder in pain. Be sure to use papaya with food. The stomach will never be burdened.


Eating juicy food lowers blood pressure, relieves weakness and eliminates stomach and intestinal worms.


As the saying goes, “Eating an apple every day keeps a person healthy, active and strong.” It strengthens the liver. Relieves anxiety. Makes new blood. Eat with peels to lower blood cholesterol. Apples develop immunity against cancer. Constipation is relieved, eating it keeps all the systems and functions of the body healthy.

Drinking Egyptian juice mixed with it relieves cough, is useful in mental weakness and blood pressure, Iranian apple is useful in diabetes. Eliminates the habit of intoxication. For this, eat apples several times a day and reduce the number of intoxicants or alcohol, the habit will be completely lost. It is useful to drink lemon with apple peel tea. Regular consumption of apples cleanses the blood vessels, heals gastric ulcers, and apple juice is an elixir for muscles and the brain. If you are not hungry and thirsty, eat apples. God willing, there will be prosperity.


Seeing the beautiful fruit of pineapple immediately makes him want to eat it. Pineapple is a diuretic. Regular eating eliminates kidney stones and harmful substances from the body. Feeding jaundice improves liver function. Women who have frequent miscarriages should be fed raw pineapple or p

Give the pineapple.

There will be no problem in pregnancy. Eliminates unhealthy glands in the body. An enlarged throat gland puts pressure on the esophagus and makes it difficult to eat. This is due to iodine deficiency. Pineapple contains iodine. Therefore, eating pineapple is beneficial in this disease. Eating it relieves pain and keeps blood pressure normal. The heart and mind get strength. Pineapple quenches thirst. Beneficial in cough and cold. If you don’t feel like working out, enjoy eating pineapple. There will be joy and freshness in nature.

custard apple:

Sharifa is a delicious fruit. It gives strength to the heart. Relieves nervousness and irritability. Relieves urinary incontinence. Removes illusions. Beneficial in dysentery, cleans blood vessels. It is an elixir for the brain and muscles. Eating Sharifa cures stomach ulcers.


Eating the beautiful and refreshing fruit of mulberry restores nature at once. There are hundreds of types. There are some types of mulberry that dissolve like sweets as soon as you put them in your mouth and make you want to eat more. The plate is clean in minutes. Mulberry fruit removes disease-causing waste products. Corrects liver function, cleanses the blood. Prevention of boils, sore throat and treatment of diphtheria. It also helps to treat depression and irritability. Eating it calms the nerves. It refreshes the heart and mind.

White mulberry strengthens the liver and lungs. Nowadays, the mulberry syrup is an experienced treatment for whooping cough. If you have blisters in your mouth, use black mulberry syrup, if the tonsils in the throat are enlarged, if the voice becomes heavy, give mulberry syrup, the operation will not come. Smoking keeps the throat clean, clears the kidneys, quenches thirst and heat, eating mulberry does not enlarge the tonsils of the throat glands. Goes

banana :

Bananas contain potassium. That’s why eating it lowers blood pressure. Eating banana gives strength to the body, it makes you hungry. The accumulated mucus thins and is easily expelled. A dry cough is cured. The intestinal function is correct. Beneficial in diarrhea and diarrhea. Relieves fatigue. Clears the color. Strengthens the kidneys. Relieves sore throat, stomach ulcer is cured by raw banana powder, give Malik Shake to those who have a hemorrhage, feel pain in the heart. Dip two ripe bananas in honey and eat. In case of swelling and inflammation, tying banana leaves gives relief. Where there is a banana tree, the snake does not come. Apply it with lemon or vinegar in itching and baldness. Feed the banana in the silence of the voice will immediately relax. If you can’t sleep, eat half a teaspoon of crushed white cumin and a teaspoon of honey with a banana at night before going to bed. God willing, they will get a good night’s sleep.


It is very useful in joint pain. Eating it stops hair loss. The pain is relieved by the release of toxins from the body. By eating it, all the functions of the bodywork properly. Eating grapefruit daily reduces obesity. Get rid of the common cold. Teach its peels in the shade. In winter, make tea with peels for colds and drink it three or four times a day, the cold will go away. Very useful for heart patients. Put a bandage on the wound, cut it in half and tie a bandage. The wound will not get worse. Gas, heartburn, loss of appetite, nausea, thirst, juice or grapefruit slices with a little salt to eat. God willing, there will be prosperity.


Lemons are a tasty fruit that is an essential ingredient in every meal. It is digestible. In case of vomiting and nausea, chop lemons and sprinkle a little salt and pepper on them. Lemon juice, rose water mixed with a teaspoon of glycerin or honey in equal weights, nails and pimples disappear. Drinking lemon zest removes heat. Dehydration is controlled. The fever goes down.

The vomiting disappears. Stomach functions remain correct. In case of dental disease, pyorrhea or musculoskeletal, mix rose juice and drink it. Squeeze lemons for malaria. Mixing the basin in sweat and applying it on the face removes blemishes. For asthma, drink lemon juice three times a day. Very useful in liver and spleen diseases. In jaundice, drink Scanjin repeatedly. If you have a headache, squeeze lemons in coffee and drink it. In case of cold and flu, mix honey in hot lemon juice and feed it. Squeeze a lemon in a mouthful of lemongrass coffee daily to get rid of obesity.

pear :

Seeing the beautiful fruit of the pear, it is tempting to put it in the mouth immediately along with the peel. Potassium in it removes heat from the blood. It is also digestible. Strengthens teeth and gums. It is constipating. Removes bladder heat. Eating pears gives elasticity to the blood vessels. The heart sinks and heals. The stone comes out.

sweet potato:

Sweet potato is the sister of potatoes. It contains starch

It is more. Beneficial for those who work hard. Gives strength and is very useful for weight gain.


Japanese fruit:

Japanese fruit is a very delicious fruit. Eating it improves the function of the stomach and liver. Feeding a dengue patient normalizes the number of platelets in his blood and hemoglobin also stays fine. It also helps to reduce the pain of Ear piercing.


Guava is a very tasty and nutritious fruit. Guava pulp contains about one-third more glucose than rice and wheat. That’s why it fills the stomach and fuels the body’s needs. Guava has many medicinal properties. Its use has been shown to be beneficial in most diseases. Guava leaves are an elixir to relieve swelling of the mouth.

Put 50 grams of guava leaves in a liter of water and boil it well. When the water has boiled enough, take the pot off the stove and filter. Gargle with this water while it is still warm. Swelling of the mouth will be relieved and bad breath will be removed. In case of nausea, sniffing fresh fruit of guava removes the condition of nausea and restores its condition. Is obtained. The use of a little celery crushed with guava prevents phlegm. People with a phlegmatic nature should always eat guava with pepper, black cumin, cardamom, and salt. This will help them to get rid of their mucus easily.

Fruit juice:

Fruit is a priceless gift of nature. They contain starch, protein, vitamins, salts, and fiber which are very important for the development of the body. Due to their deficiency, a person suffers from various diseases. Each fruit is synthesized in a different way. Unlike grains, fruits contain sugar. It is called Fructose which gives strength and energy to the body.

Daily consumption of plow juice makes a person smart, beautiful, and active. It is also important for a healthy person to eat fruits and their effectiveness in diseases increases even more. The qualities that are found in fruits. It is in their juice. Fruit juice removes toxins from the body and gives it strength and energy. So use fresh fruits and their juices regularly.